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Unity in Wartime – Lift in Wartime Podcast.

This week’s Life in Wartime podcast….we look at the subject of unity – through the eyes of U2 – do we really want all the colours to blend into one?  Everyone wants unity – it seems as though no one achieves it…


There’s been a great deal of talk about the unity that has been achieved locally and internationally as the world faces down the COVID-19 crisis. But is it a unity that will last?


David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine take a leap from U2’s Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For and discuss the basis for lasting unity in a world troubled by division.

Then it’s time to take out the graphs and discover how communities traditional deal with crisis, and the importance of unity for addressing any threat. But where will lasting unity be found?


The COVID-19 epidemic has brought upon us all the moral challenges associated with living in a state of constant conflict. We have to choose how we’re going to respond to this global threat day by day, and David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine from Third Space are here to help you think through the implications of the messages we’re hearing, and how God would have us live in these challenging times.


Music in Wartime – Eternity Podcast


  1. Re Bono and U2 ‘ Still haven’t found what I’m looking for..’ …Colours blending into one is more hallucinogenic than Heavenly ( altho we are told that there are colours outside of earth’s spectrum in Heaven, and that the flowers sing too..!)
    Are most of the guys Christian believers, reportedly apart from ‘ The edge..’ , well who knows, however God does…Remember that they are very down to earth and grounded, as well as being a world famous ‘supergroup’ that have indeed stood the test of time…thus far…
    Bono in his next chapters of life would make a great presenter of the Gospel, as his gifts skills talents & abilities have been well portrayed and pray that he will see the next God given steps …and rises to the challenge…
    That’s my twopence worth on that particular subject..!

  2. Bono, during a U2 concert in Dublin some years ago interrupted a song, which syncopation the rhythm section kept alive , to inform the audience that :

    ” Every time I sing ‘ Yeah’, a Third World citizen dies of hunger ”

    In a riposte worthy of James Joyce, an audience member heckled :

    ” A jeez, would ye ever feckin shut up then”?

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