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Quantum 98 – American Police; Statues; Cancel Culture; Stella Creasy; Ben and Jerrys; JK Rowling; India and China; Bob Dylan; Tim Keller; The Irish Blessing

This weeks Quantum – some astonishing clips and news…and the usual good music!

We have a  wonderful clip from an American police officer – explaining his job.  Then we move on to discuss ‘cancel culture’, the removal of statues with ‘the educated’ yelling at stones! We look at the hypocrisy of Lewis Hamilton – demanding that historic statues be removed whilst himself driving for a company which funded the Nazis!  And the Guardian must also go – founded by a confederacy supporting slave owner supporting man!   And Gone with the wind has gone….

“… every statue and street building has been renamed, every date has been altered. And the process is continuing day by day and minute by minute. History has stopped. Nothing exists except an endless present in which the Party is always right.” George Orwell, 1984

You can hear the hypocrisy of modern liberalism – with the MP Stella Creasy standing with her baby, arguing that other babies can be killed!

Just in case you wonder what is the ‘right’ opinion to have – don’t worry – Ben and Jerry’sand the other corporates will tell you.

The hero of the week is the wonderful JK Rowling whose piece on Transgender would in any sane world be a game changer.   The UK government is having second thoughts about Trans 

India and Brazil are becoming the new centres for Covid.

China and India continue to square up over their border.

The album we look at is Slow Train Coming…

The sad news this week was of Tim Keller’s pancreatic cancer – we pray for him.

And we finish with this….well worth a f ew m

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  1. I once owned that Bob Dylan album in my early days of my Christian life after being born again. I often wonder where it went.

  2. According to the Christian commentator , Dr Steve Turley , the backlash is under way :

  3. Dylan’s period as a “born again Jewish heretic” of which Slow Train Coming was emblematic was indeed short lived.

    More typical of Dylan’s ethnic neurosis regarding Christianity was a telling phrase in the excellent nightmare song, Just Like Tom Thumb’s Blues .

    Composed in strophic form , Dylan’s song is set in the highly dangerous Mexican city of Juarez and to compound the threat to his Jewish psyche he includes the words ” and it’s Easter time too”.

    Here’s the song :

  4. Just in case JKR reads your blog, here’s a musical tribute to her Aberfeldy holiday home, Chilliechassie House

    The tune is called The Smith of Chilliechassie , a reel, the full name of which was omitted by the virtuoso drummer, Alex Duthart.

  5. Can you clarify whether or not the pyramids were built by slave labour? Ash Sarkar, Novara Media stated that they were built by paid labour. She added that that was one of the first strikes in history over wages.
    She was in a discussion today (June 12) on Radio Ulster Talkback prog with Ben Habib former Brexit party MEP.

    1. Yes – its a disputed point – it has become a fashion to adopt a relatively new theory that it was not built by slaves – the reality is of course much more complex. Egypt was a slave society. The pyramids were probably built by a combination of slaves and paid labour….but ideologues today want to read their ideology into the past and rewrite history.

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