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The Highest Death Toll – And Its Enablers

Glen Scrivener is a gifted Australian evangelist who lives and works in England.  He produces some quality videos – none more so than this one.  It tells an incredible shocking story.


In the time that hundreds of thousands have died with Covid 19; 20 million have been killed by abortion.

Black Lives Matter

Black lives matter – but not if they are in the womb.  Margaret Sanger, was a noted eugenicist, who formed Planned Parenthood.  She believed in abortion as a means of reducing the number of black people.

“Before eugenists and others who are laboring for racial betterment can succeed, they must first clear the way for Birth Control. Like the advocates of Birth Control, the eugenists, for instance, are seeking to assist the race toward the elimination of the unfit. Both are seeking a single end but they lay emphasis upon different methods.” “Birth Control and Racial Betterment” (1919):

The government should] “give certain dysgenic groups in our population their choice of segregation or sterilization.” (A Plan for Peace – 1932)

She wrote in 1938 praising Hitler’s eugenics programme in getting rid of the disabled and the weak.   And yet in a time when we are tearing down images of people from the past, she is lauded and praised.

I was impressed by this article in which an African-American woman explained about the targeting of black women for abortion.

Many of us are tired of the targeting. 78% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical facilities are located in Black and Latino neighborhoods. Black women such as Cree Erwin, Lakisha Wilson, and Tonya Reaves have lost their lives at the hands of an abortion industry that offers substandard medical care as increasingly women are leaving abortion centers by ambulance.

While they showcased examples of the progress Black Americans have made, an ache remains in my heart because of the denial of equal protection and due process to another class of people – the baby in the womb. The sacrifices my ancestors suffered to achieve the freedom and civil rights I enjoy today are not able to protect future generations from a decision made just 8 years before my birth. The Roe v Wade decision rendered 60,000,000 lives unworthy of legal protection and has led to the deaths of over 20 million Black babies since 1973.

I wonder if BLM think these black lives matter?  Or perhaps its the price of dismantling capitalism and the patriarchy that we kill the children in the womb?

The Bishops

2020-06-16-bishopsMeanwhile back in the UK we have bishops in the House of Lords.  They are bishops of the Church of England which has a policy opposed to abortion.  Yesterday they had the opportunity to vote to put that policy into practice when the House of Lords voted on the Northern Ireland abortion bill.  As this article records  nineteen bishops abstained – thus allowing the law to be passed 355-77.   We give thanks that the Archbishop of Canterbury and six other bishops voted against.   The six female bishops were among those who abstained.

“‘Can a mother forget the baby at her breast and have no compassion on the child she has borne?’ asks the prophet Isaiah. The answer appears to be yes, if she happens to be a bishop in the Church of England,” lamented Dave Brennan, director of pro-life Brephos.
“One argument for having bishops with ‘real-life experience’ is that they can apparently bring their insights to bear on ‘real-life’ issues,” Brennan noted. “But that hasn’t happened with bishop of London Sarah Mullally who, despite having been a midwife and the U.K.’s chief nursing officer, is mum on abortion.”

What is particularly sickening is that some of these bishops who abstained on the most important life and moral issue facing the nation, had no qualms about expressing their anger over Dominic Cummings .  The one that saddened me the most was Nick Baines, bishop of Leeds, a former evangelical – now betraying the cause he once stood for.   He was upset about Cummings taking his child to his grandparents, but silent about the government permitting the killing of thousands of babies in Northern Ireland. Talk about an inverted (and perverted) sense of proportion!   Nothing illustrates the pitiful state of the Church of England than its leaders complicit silence in this wickedness.

Record Number of Abortions

In another shocking revelation this week the Department of Health and Social Care released the abortion statistics for England and Wales for 2019. The number of abortions that took place in 2019 was 209,519, the highest ever since the passing of the Abortion Act in 1967.  I remember hearing David Steele speak and him saying that that he had expected the number of abortions to be about 6,000 per year and certainly no more than 20,000.   He was over 200,000 out.

As Glen points out in the above video – the scale of death due to Covid is large and tragic.  The scale of death because of abortion is massive.  Every three months we kill in the UK as many human beings as Covid will in a year.  Every three months.  We stop the economy to prevent some deaths.  We kill many more to protect the economy (95% of abortions and for economic and social reasons).    It’s an evil whose stench reaches to heaven.

Our politicians are united in this.  Boris Johnson, who was sacked by the Tories from their front bench in 2004 over allegations he paid for his mistress to have an abortion, Nicola Sturgeon,  Keir Starmer and even church member Ian Blackford are all supportive of abortion and imposing it on Northern Ireland (despite the NI Assembly vote last week to reject abortion).   But what about the rest of the church?

The Church Speaks?

I looked on the Church of Scotland website – nothing.  The Baptist Union?  Nothing – not even on their safeguarding and protection children part – although they did have a statement about the horrific death of George Floyd.  The Methodists – again plenty about racism.  Nothing about abortion. Why can’t they have both?  Do some lives matter more than others? One can only thank God for the Catholic Church which manages to comment on many social issues and is always strong on the defence of the unborn.   I hope that Evangelical Alliance, FIEC and the Free Church, who are usually pretty good on these matters, and other smaller churches will issue statements if they have not already done so,  when they get the chance.   After all it is our MPs who will be voting this through.   Is there any social subject more important than this?

Reflecting on all this is profoundly sad.  I realise that there are many faithful Christians who join with our Catholic brothers and sisters in seeking to protect the unborn – but it is the cowardice and inhumanity of our leadership which makes me shudder.  It’s not the nation that is under the judgement of God but the church.  When will we speak up for those who cannot speak for themselves?

I know that Glen will get a lot of flak for his stance on this video.  But I praise God for his courage and willingness to use his abilities to bring the truth.  His video should be widely shared.  Please do so…and pray for and stand with him.  The bishops certainly won’t.

Politics and Abortion – An Interview on Branch FM

Speaking Up – The September Record







  1. Does anyone know if the 209,000 figure is just medical abortions or do abortion pill terminations need to be added on?

  2. I don’t think black lives matter to BLM.

    If the nuclear family is disrupted further then there will only be an increase in the number of fatherless families. Over 70% of children in black families in the US grow up with an absent father. And statistics show that children that grow up without a father are more likely to drop out of school and turn to crime.

    And what then for crime if the police are de- funded? Is that not a recipe for anarchy? I can’t imagine any lives mattering in anarchy. And wouldn’t the poorest (often black communities) suffer most in anarchy?

    According to BLM and “what we believe” – “We disrupt the Western-prescribed nuclear family structure requirement”.

    What else that is “western prescribed” would BLM “disrupt” – or do you think it would stop at the nuclear family if BLM were to have their way?

    What about the church, freedom of religion?

    I agree with the freedom to protest but some “freedoms” are no freedom at all but rather slavery to a destructive ideology. And there are a not insignificant number of people who are not aware of how pernicious this is.

      1. In the sense of father and mother producing and bringing up children – yes. The biblical concept includes the wider family network….it doesn’t include the modern progressives view of ‘family is whatever you want it to be’….with the State as overarching Superparent.

  3. One can only thank God for the Catholic Church

    One can only thank David for that comment and hope that it does not get him into any trouble.
    I’ll return the compliment and offer thanks to God for the evangelical zeal shown by David and others of the same persuasion.

  4. David, thank you for this post. As you will be aware, the Presbyterian Church in Ireland (with congregations in both the Rep. Ireland and N. Ireland) has consistently opposed the imposition of abortion on Northern Ireland, advocated the protection of the unborn and care for mothers in difficulty. It is deeply concerning that several Church of England bishops abstained in the recent vote in the House of Lords.
    Nigel Craig (Minister in the Presbyterian Church in Ireland)

  5. Interesting how this ultra conservative view of abortion was not always held by staunch evangelical Christians, and in fact some of the more familiar (well known?) evangelical Christian sects were actually in agreement with the Roe v Wade decision.

    1. would you like to tell us which ‘staunch evangelical Christians’ did not support the biblical view on abortion? Disappointed that you are advocating the mass slaughter of human beings.

      1. What actually is the biblical view on abortion?

        Does the bible actually mention abortion or does the general Christian stance of anti-abortion rest purely on the “thou shalt not kill” commandment?

        How does this play when one considers the numerous commandments to kill children in the bible?


      2. No there are not numerous commands to kill children. The biblical view is based on Genesis 1, Ps 139 etc and the basis science that the child in the womb is human. The Christian stance on abortion is that, with few exceptions, it is wrong to kill human beings.

  6. Tragic that all the “female” bishops abstained. Did they not have a view? Or were they more concerned with their “feminist” credentials.

    Lord have mercy>

    1. I agree that abortion is wrong and certainly we must make every effort to stop abortion but three questions need answering:
      1. Is the only way to reduce abortion by legislation which criminalsises the woman when so often it is other parties or even society that pushes her into the decision?
      2. There are currently thousands of children waiting to be adopted -twice as many children as adopters- and far more in careand councils struggling to cope. Is there any chance of people addressing this? The catholic church ahs a lot of money and we have some wealthy evangelical churches that could do things. Many middle class christians who are happy to bemoan abortion but like the biblical pharisee(matt.23:4) we do nothing to lift the burdens which make women take this action by providing good foster carers/adopters. Voting for those who lift financial burdens off young families would help-and those who will help young people on the housing ladder. 3.
      3. as a parent of a disabled child life revolves somuch around caring for the child, its a financial and emotional strain and a strain on health. I know of many carers whose health has been broken by looking after a disabled child. And when they are older its even more difficult. As a christian We have faith God will help us but many dont.John Piper says ‘Lord let me live one day longer than my disabled child’ and that is the heartfelt cry of many parents with disabled children. We know government homes provide poor care , even abusive to those who cant articulate. So unless you are going to bear the burden dont point the finger.

      1. Thank you for your honesty. I fully agree that abortion is a complex issue and I would never wish to minimise the pain associated with it. But a few (gentle) comments in response (I emphasise that this is not an attack on you).

        1. Figures show that the majority of abortions are for purely social reasons. As Western democracies turn their backs on our Judeo-Christian heritage life increasingly becomes regarded as a commodity rather than a God-given creation of eternal value. In the end life. as Bertrand Russell infamously pointed out many years ago, is ultimately meaningless, and this has huge implications for our society.

        2. I am not an Anglican, although I came to faith in one of the large London evangelical churches for which I thank God. But on an issue such as abortion, for the “leaders” of the Anglican church to largely abstain from voting gives out a clear message to society that the “church” has nothing of relevance to say on the matter. This will help to confirm the largely held view in society – that the church is irrelevant. (I am becoming increasingly sure that this is true with regard to the CofE and indeed many of the other traditional denominations which have conformed to the world’s standards in order to appear more “inclusive”.)

        3. One of the things which sickened me most last year was when that result of the Southern Irish referendum on abortion was announced, we saw images of people dancing in the streets and popping champagne corks. People were celebrating the right to take the life of innocent children. I believe that God will, and is, judging our society for this great evil. I just wish that I had a greater voice to speak against this, unlike the bishops who simply abstained.

        Best wishes

      2. Absolutely true Mae – we are told in the bible to carry one another’s burdens. We have become such an individualistic society in the West and everyone is just so busy – rushing around in the rat race. Disabled children – made by God – are a reminder that love is more important than perfection. So love is the answer – love the mother – love the child – whatever and whoever that child may be.

    2. Thanks for replying- I half expected it not to be published since mostly people who agree with the flea are. It is curious that the women bishops abstained-not feeling they could vote for the bill and and not opposing it either-perhaps because some reform was needed to the previous system.
      I wonder why -and we should ask them.
      Is it something to do with the whole experience of childbirth which a man may not understand.?

      Of course the problem is that society is not God – fearing. Even in the past it has not always been so. Now science tells us a foetus does not have a functional nervous system till 16-18 weeks .And society does not sanction abortion but does frown on single mothers.And science has become an authority for people whereas the church is irrelevant to many.

      My concern is that no one should be judged for not taking on a disabled child-its far from an easy road.

      1. Thanks Mae – no they abstained because they don’t accept Jesus’s teaching about children in the womb and think its ok to kill them.

        Science does not tell us that a foetus (another word for a baby – but one that sounds so much better to ‘remove’). It tells us that the nervous begins to develop at 16 days. Society does sanction abortion – that’s why its legal. Science is not an authority for people. They like to think it is – but they know nothing about it. The easiest way to half abortions would be to show people the ‘science’ and let them see the images of the baby in the womb.

        My concern is that your statement that no one should be judged for not taking on a disabled child (not the reason for 99% of abortions) inevitably leads to infanticide. If you can kill the disabled child in the womb – why not out? Who are we to judge?!

  7. The Christian stance on abortion is that, with few exceptions,….

    So there are exceptions. Would you please to list them. Thanks.

      1. How do you view the situation when the child is likely to be born with irreparable brain damage?

        As between 3-5% of fetuses will likely have some form of brain damage, do you consider that, as beings created in ”His image” this is part of your god’s plan, and what do you, as a minister, consider what your god’s intention is regarding such fetuses?

  8. What was the reason you refused to post my follow up comment to your request for the evangelical – in this case Baptist – position including direct quotes – regarding abortion after the Roe vs Wade decision?
    And could you please explain your comment where you asserted that:
    ”Disappointed that you are advocating the mass slaughter of human beings.”
    Considering I have never – not to my knowledge – made any specific statement for or against abortion, and most definitely not on your blog site, what are the grounds on which you base this presuppositional and erroneous claim?


    1. I don’t post rude and attacking posts. And I don’t feel obliged to post everyone of your numerous posts. If you have something worthwhile to post I will often let it on.

      But delighted to hear that you are opposed to abortion….Apologies for thinking otherwise.

      1. But delighted to hear that you are opposed to abortion….Apologies for thinking otherwise.

        Where from my comments did you surmise I was opposed to abortion?

        Why do you think that after the Roe vs Wade decision certain evangelical (s) were in agreement?

      2. Make your mind up! You were objecting to me saying you were pro-abortion – now you are objecting to me saying you are anti-abortion!

      3. I voiced my objection to your fallacious statement:

        Disappointed that you are advocating the mass slaughter of human beings.

        You then went on to write:

        But delighted to hear that you are opposed to abortion….Apologies for thinking otherwise.

        So between these two extremes you now tell me I should ”make my mind up.”
        This after you have already stated that you consider abortion acceptable if the mother’s life is in danger or the fetus will be born dead.
        I fail to see what point you are trying to make. Perhaps you could ditch the sarcasm and ambiguity and ask a straightforward question in an honest fashion?

      4. The point is straightforward and would easily be answered if you stopped evading the question. Are you for or against abortion?

  9. Do you think that those who are brain damaged should be killed?

    Are you referring to the abortion of unborn fetuses?

      1. Why would I think that people with brain damage should be killed?
        Ostensibly this would be regarded as murder.
        I was asking about your view on a fetus where irreparable brain damage has been detected.
        What is your view regarding this?
        Furthermore, if we are all made in God’s image why do you think children with such damage are ”created”?

      2. We appear to be talking at cross purposes here.
        Killing someone with brain damage would be considered murder. I have stated this position twice. I am struggling to fathom what the problem is and why you keep asking the the same question?

        I am wondering if you’ve misunderstood something ?
        To reiterate:
        I was asking about your view on a fetus where irreparable brain damage has been detected/confirmed. Should an abortion be allowed/performed?

        And also, once again, if we are all made in God’s image why do you humans (more accurate than using the word children) with such damage are ”created”?

      3. Let me help you take this logically step by step.

        In discussing abortion you brought up the question of those with brain damage? Why? I presume because you were arguing that it would be ok to kill the baby in the womb if they had brain damage?

        I therefore ask is it ok to kill the child outside the womb if they have brain damage?

        It also hugely depends on what you mean by ‘irreparable brain damage’.

        But all of this is a red herring. Such circumstances are 0.01% of abortion cases –

      4. I therefore ask is it ok to kill the child outside the womb if they have brain damage?

        While I am no lawyer, I would think that killing any person with brain damage, let alone a child, would be considered culpable homicide at the very least. Therefore I consider your question is trite.

        I presume because you were arguing that it would be ok to kill the baby in the womb if they had brain damage?

        I never mentioned anything about killing a baby in the womb, so I would appreciate if you would stop writing words that I plainly did not ‘say’. Thanks. I asked what is your view regarding aborting a fetus that has been diagnosed as suffering from brain damage?

        Also, I am still waiting for an answer to my question regarding your view that if we are created by God why do you think humans are ”created”with brain damage?

      5. Why did you bring up brain damage? Do you think it is ok to kill a baby in the womb with brain damage but not one outside?

        You say you never mentioned anything about killing a baby in the womb? But we are talking about abortion. What do you think abortion is if it is not killing the baby in the womb? Are you suggesting that there is not a baby in the womb? That she is not alive? And that taking her life is not killing?

        I don’t think humans are ‘created’ with brain damage. You seem to think that God especially creates each single individual as in some kind of factory – “Ill make that one with ginger hair, that one short etc)….that’s not how it works.

      6. I am also interested on your views regarding contraception as a means to reduce abortion.

  10. Hi David. Thank you for the article. I noticed your link reference to does not contain the quote: “Many of us are tired of the targeting. 78% of Planned Parenthood’s surgical facilities are located in Black and Latino neighborhoods…”.

    It can be found at

      This is a very good response from the Catholic community
      Please can we also maybe stop virtue signalling on this issue as christian people.
      1 How many christian people have actually written to any Prime minister and their personal MP since 1967 to actually ask for the abortion bill to be repealed This is vital if we are really serious and just not speaking into Christian thin air Otherwise the blood guilt remains on your none active hands
      2 How much investment has the UK church made into action to support even Christian agencies seeking to enable pregnant women keep their pregnancies and be supported
      In Dundee millions of pounds have been spent on doing up church buildings by various denominations
      If we want to be taken seriously on this issue then let’s spend the same supporting women in their pregnancies
      Hypocrisy ????
      3. Finally what about the plight of women in poor countries ?
      Governments National agencies being forced to accept abortion to receive aid ( UN , Gates +++) But actually if you want to help. :- support ACET Thailand who are rescuing babies in their Grace Centre in northern Thailand
      A work I have been privileged to help for many years
      Love is more than words and talk it shows itself in action and in truth 1John 3 Vs 18

  11. Wee flea- the Bible says do not judge ‘For with what judgment ye judge, ye shall be judged: and with what measure ye mete, it shall be measured to you again.
    3 And why beholdest thou the mote that is in thy brother’s eye, but considerest not the beam that is in thine own eye?

    So have you adopted a disabled child? Have you voted and campaigned for those who aim to help families with disabled children? have you given up your job, financial status, put your heealth at risk to look after a disabled child?
    Many christian who moan about others not willing to have a child with a disability have not done these-or even prayed for those bearing these terrible burden. At the end of the day to put a helpless voiceless child into a care home run on a shoestring with carers paid at a minimal rate, so least qualified, is to torture that precious beloved child . So pray on your knees that these fantastic parents-there are many-will have the strength to carry on and that they will live 1 day longer than their child. Some have with/without their child committed suicide. A terrible situation about which you talk lightly. So dont judge those who abort because of disability unless you have done everything to help them.

    1. How ironic that you quote ‘do not judge’ before going on to condemn and judge! What I have done in terms of disability is between me and God – I am certainly not going to boast about it here. Suffice it to say that ever since I was at Uni and worked for what was then called the Scottish Spastics Council, I have remained deeply committed to the cause of the disabled. Which is why I am opposed to killing babies in the womb because of disability. I assume from your post that you also think it is wrong to kill a baby because it is disabled?

      1. I dont think we should judge the woman/parents who decide not to go through with having a disabled child-. I think we should show compassion. And I know that helping out in a christian support group is not the same as living day in, day out looking after a very disabled child. And then to leave that child to an institution when one is old can be torture for the child.
        I am way beyond aborting but I do wonder if I had a diagnosis now I would be so brave.It is only faith in God -and fear of God-that would hold me back.
        Especially as nowadays medicine helps children to survive who would not have done previously.
        And would you as a male live off benefits and give up your career for such a child? One mother I know was struggling to do this and then tried to commit suicide because she couldt cope. I had to comfort her other child who was in a state of shock.Yet people sentamentalise disability.
        My biggest gripe is the lack of help -and also people voting for those who limit help for the disabled-and their parents. So many services have been closed, councils are strapped for cash,Children sent away to homes far from family-and yet I have been told by christians that they vote for lower taxes. .Such hypocrisy!
        And of course they have strong views on abortion.
        I dont think Our Lord Supports such hypocrisy.
        So compassion and humility are in order.Dont forget to pray for those children -that their parents will be able to look after them and get support and understanding.

      2. You are setting up a false dichotomy. Being opposed to killing disabled babies is not the same as condemning and judging people. Are you not condemning and judging even in making that remark?

  12. No I am pointing out hypocrisy. Its important, as I said at the beginning, that those who point the finger bear the burden. And you have avoided saying you would live on benefits and give up your career to look after your own disabled child. These are not hypothetical questions-these are real dilemmas faced by real people.
    Anyway we dont seem to be getting anywhere.
    No wonder the world does not listen.
    Without the prayer and support I ask for for them- people wont see the disabled matter.

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