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The Kitchen Table – 1

We have left the Panic Room and now find ourselves at the Kitchen Table.

The Panic Room was fun – but doing it on a daily basis was obviously not sustainable.  As the panic is, at least in Australia, fading, we thought we would move into the kitchen.  This will be a short weekly discussion programme…here is the first. (Thanks to Al Smith for the bookends- great to be working with him again!)


This is a work in the making so please send us your suggestions and comments.   Also let us know what you would like us to discuss.

Why the kitchen table?  Because in a healthy home people sit round a table and eat together – at least once per day!  TV dinners or quick meals in rooms do not help build family.  Furthermore when we have guests in our home it is largely through hospitality, usually involving food and drink, that we share and have fellowship.   When we were at St Peters Annabel and I had a shared ministry.  I would preach the Word, and then we would invite up to 12 people home, to sit round our big table, and share the astonishing food that Annabel had prepared.  We loved it.   The ‘table talk’ was lovely and often very spiritually beneficial.

Thats the idea behind The Kitchen Table – a place where you, your friends and any stranger can come in, hear what we are up to and hopefully be provoked to thought, love and good works…so come on into the Third Space house and welcome to our kitchen table!

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