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The Final Panic Room – Russell Brand, Ricky Gervais and Oneness

We have just finished the last recording of the Panic Room– something we have been doing every weekday for the past month – to help people who are feeling somewhat confined.  We finished with another look at the Russel Brand, Ricky Gervais conversation – which looks at some of the key issues in life.  Brand gets so close…Gervais gets nowhere!  Anyway here it is..(By the way we are hoping to move from the Panic Room to the Kitchen  – for a weekly Vlog in similar vein – watch this space!


Here are the other two that we did on Brand/Gervais.



Quantum 91 – The one with Keir Starmer; Covid 19; Israel; Nigeria; Canada; Dutch Euthanasia; Fruit Pickers; Elevation; The Gettys and Joni; Frightened Rabbit; Life in Wartime; Duncan Chisholm


  1. Many thanks for the Panic Room. While in lockdown here in Northern Ireland I’ve enjoyed watching you, even if you, David, once called my daughter a heretic! I kept waiting for Steve to play that guitar!

  2. Dear David,
    TodayI sent a pictureof your T-Shirt to Rev George Fairlie(84) who arrived on his bicycle in the midst of lockdown.
    At one time he was minister of St Peter’s Dundee, when it was C of S.
    I don’t do facebook and you don’t have an accessible email address, so I can’t send you his photo.
    He was thrilled with the T-shirt!
    Many blessings to you; we miss you on Tayside.

    Mike Stewart St Andrews

  3. I’m a relative newcomer to the panic room and now the “kitchen”…and am often “catching up”…but thank you… I do enjoy them. My one burning question relevant to the panic room is…who is the picture of behind Steve?

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