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Quantum 94 – Little Richard; Recession; Miracle Cure; Covid and the Jews; Surveillance; Kraftwerk; Trans; Gay IVF; VE Day; The White Album; Billy and Elizabeth; Simon Kennedy

This weeks Quantum looks at the story of little Richard’s conversion in Australia, 

(Listen all the way to the end of the podcast for a beautiful ‘sting’ the tail!)


We consider the Covid recession 

And the ‘church’ that claims to have a Covid Cure

Then there is this sinister and chilling speech from an Islamic cleric and MP claiming that the Jews are worse than Covid and need to be eradicated.

With the increase in work from home culture there is a new work surveillance…

Then we remember the founder of Kraftwerk


The warning about trans men being admitted to women’s prisons is coming true.

But there is a push back and now theUK government is going to ban trans surgery on under 18’s.

Whilst the NHS is under great pressure and strapped for cash, it can still afford to provide IVF for two gay men and their surrogate woman.

The world has changed so much – since VE day…

Over the next few weeks I am going to feature ten albums that have had a significant impact on my life.    We start with this one.  When I became a Christian I was so enthusiastic that I wanted to get rid of every idol that could get in the way of Christ- so I determined to sell or give away all my albums (I had a large collection).   I had a copy of the White Album on white vinyl – it went straightaway (it would be worth a fortune now!) – whereas Red Rose Speedway and other less worthy albums were the only ones I was left with!  Yet the White Album is a reminder of my early devotion to Christ!


I hope and pray that I will remain as devoted to Christ as these wonderful saints – Billy and Elizabeth Graham….

Finally we leave with a great message from my favourite blues guitarist – Simon Kennedy– ( He’s a Christian and from Dundee – check him out!)

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  1. It was sobering indeed to hear the chilling words of a Muslim cleric re the Jewish people. A reminder that while things have been quiet lately, the extreme brand of Muslim is still active and working behind the scenes.

    What a difference devotion to Christ makes! – thank you for including the warm caring faces and words of ‘Humans of St Columba’s #7’ – Billy and Elizabeth Graham. That did lift the spirits.

    In searching the web recently for an article re John Calvin in Geneva, of which there are many, I noticed one link was to ‘themuslimtimes’ of 2013 with information re the treatment of heretic Michael Sevetus. One wonders how the circumstances of that serious event may be misused or misunderstood.

  2. Hi David,

    Thanks for sharing the testimony of Nilly and Elisabeth Graham. It reminded me of a 93 yr old member of my church called Ruth who gave an incredible testimony to Gods’s goodness in our virtual service the other week. I know you will love it. She is a truly amazing lady. I will attach a link to the service but she appears from 4mins 40 for two minutes and will definitely leave you smiling and encouraged. Enjoy.

    Thanks for all you do.

    Steve Brain

  3. In late September 1999 I arrived in an early Denver blizzard at a city centre hotel and having checked in , noticed that in the basement function room , Little Richard was performing so I attended his concert.

    He was really good and his break – time proselytising was received with tolerant amusement.


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