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Peace in Wartime – Third Space Podcast

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Australia may be ‘crushing the curve’ but worldwide the COVID picture is far different. As anxiety rises to fever-pitch, how do Christians effectively express their peace in a time of crisis?


Australian surveys reveal that despite this country’s relative success in combatting the Corona Virus, we are increasingly worried about the future and driven to drink to try and assuage our fears.

David Robertson and Steve McAlpine tackle the elusive idea of peace in wartime, beginning with where it can be found.

The world has made many suggestions about the substance and location of peace, but how are they bearing up under the pressures of a pandemic?


The COVID-19 epidemic has brought upon us all the moral challenges associated with living in a state of constant conflict. We have to choose how we’re going to respond to this global threat day by day, and David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine from Third Space are here to help you think through the implications of the messages we’re hearing, and how God would have us live in these challenging times.

Worship in Wartime Podcast


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