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In the Spirit on the Lord’s Day – A Rainbow over St Peters


I don’t often like writing about  my own congregation, St Peters.    But yesterday was such an encouraging day that I thought I would make an exception. As we drove home from the church last I saw this double rainbow in a perfect arch over St Peters –  it was a beautiful symbol, not of man’s rebellion against God, but of God’s grace towards humanity. And we experienced a great deal of that yesterday.

Firstly it was a delight in the morning  to experience the communion of the Lord with his people.    We welcomed six new members,  Hilary and Ken (retired Dundonians converted later in life),  Jack and Catherine and their three wee girls (an Australian scientist and music teacher), Eirion (a young Dundonian who works at Alliance Trust and combines it with child minding) and Katy (a Northern Irish speech therapist).    We  said goodbye to Dave Alexander (a newly qualified doctor heading to Glasgow) and Jared and Bex (heading to Uganda as missionary aid workers, doctor and accountant!).   We welcomed back Simon Atwood, our former Relay worker (now UCCF team leader in Glasgow) and Susan Buchan, another former Relay worker now an IFES worker in Paris.  Susan  gave us an excellent short summary of that crucial work amongst French students, and she even brought two of them with her!   it was also wonderful to have another UCCF Relay worker back with us, my son Andrew and his wife Caireen, celebrating their 1st anniversary and preparing to come back to Dundee to church plant!

It was also good to share in real biblical ecumenism – with people from many different backgrounds sitting together at the Lord’s table.   Amongst our guests were the Charlotte Chapel minister, Paul Rees and his wonderful family, and the Sandyford Henderson Church of Scotland minister Jonathan DeGroot and his equally wonderful family!   How good it is when brothers and sisters dwell together in unity.

It was an encouragement, when so many of our people are away on holiday, to have the church full.   It seems as though there are new people coming every week.    We are also into church growth in another way –  yesterday we were told of three more babies being expected to be added to the creche in the next few months! Congratulations to Ruth and John on their expected twins, and to Michelle and Graham on their expected second child.

As we left the church in the morning,  one new lady said to me – ” this is this is what I was looking for –  a church which preaches the word and is a family”.

In the evening I was utterly exhausted,  still suffering I think a bit from the after-effects of shingles and jetlag.   To be honest it was one of those touch and go situations where, unless I had been actually leading the service I may not have gone. I’m so glad I did. It was like going into a shower, tired and dirty,  and coming out refreshed, renewed and clean!    a loved the singing of God’s praise led by Crawford, John and the other musicians.   And Sinclair’s preaching on 1 Peter 4:7-11 was thrilling – warm, pastoral, practical, biblical teaching.  When Sulvi  returns from holiday we will  put it up on our website.   But just to give you a couple of tasters –

This is the first time I’ve ever heard the church being described as a bus, with the congregation all sitting towards the front, the preacher being the bus driver, and even fares being taken during the journey!

Some may find this hard to believe, but Sinclair even gave us a little exposition and advice on make up!

But it was the teaching about the Lord’s day, using our gifts and hospitality, all to the glory of God, which  struck home.

Although it was a long day with two (by todays standards) long services (90 minutes plus each),  none of us minded, because in the words of the apostle John, “We were in the spirit on the Lord’s Day”.I think all of us were conscious of the Lord’s presence and this itself helps create a real sense of family and unit.    As a family we mourn with those who mourn, and were in prayer for our sister Anna and her family as they mourn the death of her father.    And we rejoice with those who rejoice – Phil and Laura and others were involved in the Aspire camp this week, in which children from an unchurched background were able to experience and hear about the love of Christ. This short video of Phil and Laura  was a beautiful reminder of their wedding earlier in the year and also a striking illustration of the Lord’s family.


And the day was then capped off with three beautiful things

  • Good Fellowship at home with James and Sheila Fraser visiting from Kiltarlity.
  • The double complete rainbow arched over St Peters on the way home.
  • And another kind of fellowship….we share all good things the Lord gives us – and so one of our deacons gave me this lovely gift!
  • IMG_4735


Thanks be to the Lord for all the things he gives us that ‘gladden human hearts’! (Ps 104:15)….!




  1. Sorry, I’ve just read this …AFTER ….I made a comment on your “LaHaye and End of the world” post, a comment in which I’d made a reference to a ……Bus. Except Jesus is the driver not the preacher. Is He in the driving seat of the car of our lives? That is a J John illustration, Is He in the passenger seat, the boot – coming out every Sunday, then back in the boot? Does He take us down the road of forgivenes etc, etc.

    Pleased you’ve had a refreshing time….as He says ” come to me all who are weary…”

  2. Jesus is the driver in my life,before coming to Christ he was in the boot or left on the pavement in the rain,how glorious now to feel the Lord guide me and develop as he does.How marvellous your church sounds,we will be coming to Dundee later this year looking for relatives(adoption”issues and feel drawn to
    attend a service at St Peters,isn’t it wonderful the work of the Lord,I hope you make a speedy recovery from your shingles.

  3. Isn’t life a funny thing….Only once have I seen a perfect double rainbow, just outside my window here in Spain a few years ago and was in awe of it. Also, is the Sandyford church in Glasgow by any chance? if so, I was christened there 60 years ago. Love reading about ‘abesent’ brethern where ever they are, even unknown to me.

  4. Oh being infiltrated Sandyford – watch out you might be infected with heresy what with it being C of S and ll those terrible apostates there ;). Haha. Seriously though – good to hear things are going well. Be careful though wont you? There is that thing called burnout and even God rested.

    Jacqueline – yes Sandyfodr is in Glasgow.

  5. Sunday afternoon, some years ago, we witnessed the baptism of one of our grandchildren. A beautiful message of God’s love, His faithfulness, His promises and our joy in Him through Christ had been received. It had been a bit of a blustery morning and as we came out of the church building a rainbow was dimly seen and slowly it brightened to a double rainbow in a dazzling array of color and splendor. What a fitting occasion to witness the rainbow of God’s love and promises for His people. It filled my heart with a true joy, a joy that can only come about through faith in a God who delights in us; His people, His beloved, His bride, His redeemed!! Thank you tri-une God for your kindness and generosity towards us! Thank you for those promises made sure in Jesus Christ! Thank you for the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives and leading us on in faith, hope and love!

    Be strong in Him in all circumstances of life; when you are down, He will lift you up; when you are weary, He will strengthen you to go on in joy; when you struggle, come to Him in prayer and He will bring comfort and joy. And to the newlyweds… pray each day, ponder together God’s love for you in Christ, open God’s Word (the breath of life in abundance) and allow that Word to teach you of Christ and the bride in all of life!! Blessings to you in your marriage!

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