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Quantum 93 – Kookaburra; UK Parliament; Neil Ferguson; Ricky Gervais; Ellen; South Africa; Bookshelves; Scottish Blasphemy Bill; Dire Straits; Julie Fowlis and the UK Blessing

Welcome to this weeks Quantum – everything from Covid, Celebrities and Christianity – with lots of music!

1) The Kookaburra – 

2) The Necessity of Parliament –

3) Prof Neil Ferguson – The Hypocrisy and the ‘Misjudgements’ of Britains most influential scientist….


4) Celebrity Shut down.

Ricky Gervais and this from Paul Joseph Watson (advisory – contains some swear words)


5) South Africa and Covid – 

Good news and bad news from South Africa

6) What books do you have on your shelves…?

7) Humza Yousaf and the new Scottish Blasphemy Bill.

The New Scottish Blasphemy Law 

8) The Power of Music –


This beautiful Gaelic song from Julie Fowlis


Power of collective singing –

And we finish with the blessing!


Quantum 92 – Tom and Jerry, The worlds longest creature, ; clapping; Ramadan; Non-Jewish NT; Hate laws; Jacinda Ardern; Covid; Gambling; Captain Cook; Trump’s Bible; Dominic Smart and Ps 23 

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  1. I do not approve of adultery or fornication but neither of those things affect the validity of a person’s scientific research.
    I do not approve of hypocrisy but a person’s hypocrisy does not affect the validity of a person’s scientific research.
    I do not approve of a person breaking the lockdown rules for their own personal advantage but that does not affect the validity of a person’s scientific research.
    So what does affect the validity of their scientific research? Well, one thing that does is the design of their computer modelling.
    Here, one person takes Professor Ferguson’s model to pieces because of the code used.

    I too have a book written by David Irving. It is about the bombing of Dresden. I don’t think that Mr Irving’s views on the Holocaust should mean that I can’t read that book or even have it in my house.

    1. The ‘takedown’ of NFs model comes over to me as a rant by someone with an agenda. He doesn’t understand computer coding (allegedly). They don’t seem to understand epidemiology and interpreting the outputs of scientific models. The point is not whether they would be 400,000 or 500,000 deaths after 80 days (see full article via link above), or even 600,000 or 350,000 (or any other number with lots of 000s on it) but that none of the predicted scenarios the model could generate are outcomes that we would wish to see happen in practice.

      As the American Government’s advice to US soldiers coming to the UK in WWII said, ‘They don’t know how to make a good cup of coffee. You don’t know how to make a good cup of tea. It’s a fair swap’

  2. All very good stuff, David…

    And just other examples of where we are currently within ‘Broken Britain’ ( It was never ‘so called’ ‘Great Britain’ btw) , and ‘Screwed up Scotland’ , where the so called political elite are trying to enforce their opinions, as opposed to facts…(small example – 1. A man is born male, and a woman, female…and 2. islam has never been challenged by anyone, (perhaps too scared because of so called ‘laws’ ) in that Mohammed was a warlord (check out Prof Jordan Peterson’s book and writings..on truth and opinion) whom (mohammed that is..) cut off the heads of any whom did not follow his ‘ideology’ and who took many 12 yo girls, to be his ‘wives’…and moved his philosophy of the time to become a ‘religion’, initially over the 19 countries of west & north africa and the arabian peninsula…

    The ‘Law’ is not black and white, it is 100 shades of grey with gradual invasive insidious nonsense… and I can back this up with a quote from a top ‘media’ lawyer…

  3. What’s your view on when churches will be allowed to meet again physically? It was disheartening to hear you say “if” we are allowed to meet.

    It seems to be that there’s no voice speaking loudly about how civil liberties shouldn’t be given up so readily.

      1. Suspect you’re right, but hope you’re wrong.

        It was good last sunday to (in line with local limits) invite another family to join our family to stream church together. Slightly better than nothing, but a shadow of being in the same building, singing with strong voices with each other.

  4. Hi, David,
    I would be very interested to hear your thoughts and further reflections on the song ‘UK Blessing’ you mentioned in this podcast. I must admit I have conflicting thoughts. As a piece of music, it is brilliant. I can only applaud the technical ability of those who have put this together and I have no doubt the motives of those involved are nothing but the best. However, the question that I can’t seem to shift is, should this be the churches message to our nation at this time?

    If this was song intended for the church then there would be no problem. But that’s not this versions intention. Therefore, my question is, should we be taking passages written for God’s people and be applying them to those who are not his? My understanding is that this song has come from Elevation church in the US and the songs basic message seems to fit in with your criticisms of that churches preaching. The musical arrangement of this version of the song appears to suggest that the greatest need of our nation during this time is the therapeutic need of knowing we are loved rather than the spiritual need of repentance and regeneration through faith in Jesus Christ. I don’t know, am I being too harsh? That’s why I would love to hear more of your thoughts on this issue.

    Every blessing

    1. Thanks Mark – I see what you are saying – and agree with it. Although I think that to wish a blessing upon a nation is not a bad thing! However I think the greater need is a call for repentance to both church and country.

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