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Janet Parshall – In the Market – Pandemic, Dominic Smart and Scottish Blasphemy Law

This months ‘In the Market;. with Janet Parshall.

003924We discussed the Pandemic, and the Scottish Blasphemy lawamongst other things.  But imagine my astonishment when she began by citing from Dominic Smart and made his book When we get it Wrong her truth tool of the month. So I got to speak about Dominic!

They also managed to get the sound better….


You can listen to the whole programme here – 

Janet Parshall – Peta, Franklin Graham and more…








  1. I’m currently reading Dominic’s book When We Get it Wrong. I can highly recommend it for people who are willing to face the truth about themselves, just as Peter had to before he could truly serve the Lord whom he loved so much, with no more posturing. The lesson I’m taking from this book is to just be myself with all of my failures, mistakes and vulnerability if I want to serve the Lord. If the real me shows up, so will the Lord.

  2. Hello, Weeflea,

    I heard an interview of Dominic Smart with Janet Parshall recently, and I would like to contact him via email, as I do not use social media; I have been unable to locate an email address for him; would you know how I may contact Dominic via email ?

    Thank you very much.

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