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Janet Parshall – Peta, Franklin Graham and more…

This months Janet Parshallcovered some of what I have been writing about…..  AS always good to be with Janet…

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You can get it here –


Janet Parshall Show – Harry and Meghan, Bushfires and the Threat to Democracy




  1. Graham should not be allowed to come here because of his Islamophobia. Why is Islam the only religion that can be freely criticized and mocked?

    1. Why is Islam the only religion that can be freely criticized and mocked?

      Huh? What world are you living in? Christianity is freely criticized and mocked, and nobody in the mainstream media or politics or etc. cries “Christophobia”, but criticise Islam and you’re likely to be met with cries of “Islamaphobia”, and even risk being taken to court for daring to criticise it.

  2. You say that the people who claim ‘taking milk from a cow is robbery’, but would have no issue with abortion is such an underdeveloped rationale I am staggered.
    Who are those people?
    Cows produce milk for cows, you decide to drink it, I don’t, but do not imply that I am ok with abortion.
    Also the cockroach on the pillow analogy is very weak.

    1. Yes it is staggering….in the article I was referring to Hollywood.

      If all species are the same then the cockroach is equal to the human…the analogy is spot on….

  3. So I would not kill a cockroach, just as I would not eat a cow, but you intimate a potential hypocrisy in non flesh eaters.
    Gods perfection is a plant based diet, anything else was an allowance for a time, hence so many early church fathers were vegetarian, you should try it.

      1. Why do people always ask things like this, it is so immature, and yes I kill bacteria all the time, but I also provide a home for it as well.
        So I would not be part of a process that kills sentient beings for food, but you are. Your choice. I just think that living as close to the original state of humanity at creation is a better choice for me and the animals.

  4. I know you were referencing Hollywood, but you generalise, who are the pro abortion vegans you cite?

    1. Mr Lynch, I feel you are implying that you have found a righteousness within yourself and that your understanding of things is the way to go. I ‘d find that very dangerous indeed !

  5. Gylen,
    Your feeling that I am implying a inner righteousness is nothing to worry about. I live my life according to my understanding of the Kingdom of God. Maybe you can explain what you mean in more detail. I have looked back and can find no claim of righteousness on my part.
    David (the enlightened) 😉

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