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Quantum 89 – Lord of the Rings; Clapping; John Lennox; The EU and Covid; Mike Ryan (WHO); Chinese Churches; Cardinal Pell; Daphne Shah; Bob Dylan; Holy Smoke; Panic Room and Bill Withers

This weeks Quantum – with good news, music and a classic from Lord of the Rings…

Here are some of the links referred to…


John Lennox on Coronavirus

Cardinal Pell –


Daphne Shah



Bob Dylan –


Holy Smoke

The Panic Room

Bill Withers –


Lean on Me.

Quantum 88- Brazil; India; Covid Deaths; Emily Thornberry; GRA dropped; Sweden; South Korea; Scott Morrison; Hypocrisy; Copeland and Howard Browne; Because He Lives

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  1. Greetings from Aberdeen, Scotland.

    It is Corporal Jones who said “Don’t panic”, not private Jones.

    Many thanks for a thoughtful and good podcast.

    God bless, pray without ceasing and keep safe.

  2. Clapping.
    (I have not posted here before but, strangely, I seem to have more time just now)
    People may, or may not, be interested to know that the “most liked” post on the forum last week was titled, “Shove your clapping”. The gist of the post (in colouful language) was that as medical professionals just doing their job, we do not need orchestrated applause. What we do need is adequate PPE, please.

  3. Praise the Lord! I and my family have been uplifted by your podcast.. thank you so much for providing good news.. I have been following your blog for a few months now .. first time to comment and praise the Lord for your ministry.. God bless you David Robertson and Stephen McAlpine

  4. Regarding Pell, two corrections and a comment.
    The court that quashed his conviction was the High Court, not the Supreme Court. (The High Court is Australia’s highest court.)
    Daniel Andrews d did not say that he accepted the decision; he explicitly said that he makes “no comment”on it.
    I know of no credible evidence that Pell covered up child abuse. On the contrary, what most of the media conveniently forgets to tell people is that Pell created the world’s first Catholic response to the child abuse, the “Melbourne Response”, with the goal of compensating victims, and was designed with input from a retired judge and a law firm, and operated independently of the church (although funded by it).

  5. So the Premier of Victoria say he believes the victims. Well, according to the High Court judges there were no victims. What the Premier presumably means is that he believes the accusations to be true. Which does create a difficulty as one of the accusers withdrew his accusation before he died. So which of the “victims” does the Premier believe? The one who said the offence happened or the one who said it didn’t?

    Furthermore, I am not nor ever have been a member of the WHO.

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