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Quantum 88- Brazil; India; Covid Deaths; Emily Thornberry; GRA dropped; Sweden; South Korea; Scott Morrison; Hypocrisy; Copeland and Howard Browne; Because He Lives

This weeks Quantum travels the world from Brazil to India, the UK to Australia…and more… and has a wonderful prayer from a political leader and a beautiful song…

We look at praise in Brazil, the poor in India, the hypocrisy of Emily Thornberry on saving lives, how difficult it is to define Covid 19 deaths;   The culture of death in our cultures;

And some good news – the Scottish government drops its gender self recognition legislation.   

Although the identity politics has not gone away.  The BBC’s LGBT correspondent had to have a victim storyeven in this….  And we also examine the role of the police.

We also look at Sweden, South Korea, China and Australia.

As well as the politicians…this speech from Steve Baker is well worth looking at…


Sadly whilst much of the Church has stepped up to the plate, the Covid 19 crisis has also exposed some of the wickedness and insanity within.  From Kenneth Copeland to Rodney Howard Browne, the false prophets have been in full voice, disgracing the name of Christ.


For me the highlight of the week was this prayer from Scott Morrison.  Oh to have more leaders willing to call on the name of the Lord.

We finish with this wonderful song from Dave Crowder –


Covid 19 – Call to Prayer – Hope Radio

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  1. The “Because He Lives” item made me recall a favourite poem , ‘The Churchyard’ , by Sir William Watson :

    I wandered far in the wold ,
    And after the heat and glare ,
    I came at eve to a churchyard old :
    The yew trees seemed at prayer.

    And around me was dust in dust ;
    And the fleeting light ; and Repose ;
    And the infinite pathos of human trust
    In a God whom no man knows.

  2. There’s something ironic about talking of having joy when being miserable. I don’t think considering it joy when facing trials of all kinds is about doing something contrived. Wasn’t Jesus “deeply distressed” in Gethsemane?

    No – joy is in spite of circumstances, the joy of the Lord being your strength. It being about what makes suffering that we all go through in life bearable. And also when times are happy, knowing true happiness, not a happiness that is dependent on status, money, power, influence etc.

    A thought has occurred to me. We have been in the habit of saying “we live in interesting times”. Perhaps we have moved on from that and have entered into times of a biblical proportion.

    Love compassion, mercy grace – amen to that. May all followers of Jesus have confidence engendered to shine with God’s love.

    A great prayer indeed from Scott Morrison.

  3. Those two young people who complain about having to live with their ‘homophobic’ parents should be ashamed of themselves. If it were not for their parents, they may have ended up on the streets, sleeping rough. They should show some gratitude. I wonder if they even offer to wash the dishes. Why does the BBC need an LGBT correspondent? What’s so special about them and their supposed needs anyway?

  4. The BBC’s LGBT correspondent? What next/ The BBC’s Left-Handed People Correspondent? The BBC’s Tadpole Correspondent? More worryingly, but as they have an LGBT correspondent it’s obviously not out-of-the-question – the BBC’s Polyamory Correspondent.
    While checking the spelling of polyamory I came across this You Tube video:
    “Why Polyamory (sadly) can’t be for Everyone”.
    Underneath it says, “Polyamory is an incredibly positive and fulfilling way of life for increasing numbers of people all over the world. At The School of Life, we applaud and celebrate this community. Sadly though, it seems polyamory won’t work for everyone; especially those who can’t stop being jealous – and naively equate this loving practice with sexual freewheeling.”

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