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Inviting People to (Virtual) Church and a Hopeful Easter Message

In a masterpiece of good timing I recorded this interview video with Gerard for St Thomas’s for the Christians Engaging Culture Podcast – to invite people to our Easter outreach on the 29th of March.  I preached on the 22nd in preparation – and then of course the whole thing was cancelled on the 29th.

Although this discussion was primarily about inviting people to that service – the principles still apply to the situation we now find ourselves in.  A number of people have contacted me asking about how we invite people to ‘virtual’ church – or at least to think, discuss and look for Christ.  Why not invite friends and family to listen to and watch one of the many Easter services online this week?     I hope this is helpful…..


Not Ashamed of the Gospel

And why not share this short Easter message from the Free Church –


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