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Panic Room 13 – Black Friday? Or Good Friday?

This is a short discussion from The Panic Room on What’s Good about Good Friday..I love the fact that it is celebrated as a public holiday here in Australia…This is the very heart of the Gospel…I love talking about the Cross more than anything…


Here is the cartoon we refer to…


And this is the beautiful piece of music from Steph Macleod and friends which we discuss.


Steve Chalke and the Cross of Christ

And don’t forget this weeks Quantum! – Quantum 89 – Lord of the Rings; Clapping; John Lennox; The EU and Covid; Mike Ryan (WHO); Chinese Churches; Cardinal Pell; Daphne Shah; Bob Dylan; Holy Smoke; Panic Room and Bill Withers


  1. The grace of God is not cheap, but it is shockingly, offensively free.
    The cost to Christ on the cross is infinite, that our finite minds can not grasp.
    What do you say to him as he hangs there in our place?

  2. It truly is unfathomable? No wonder The Cross is a stumbling block for so many? In worldly terms it is madness? But I believe it was the most significant event in the history of the world.

    By the way, when I moved to Scotland 42 years ago, I was astonished to discover that Good Friday was treated like any other working day! Business as usual.

  3. First time I’ve listened in to the panic room. Encouraging, and funny. Thanku! By the way….I love hot cross buns…the pipes…and…oh dear…country music…and not neccessarily in that order 😉

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