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Welcome to the Panic Room

We had this crazy idea.   The Third Space website is in the form of a virtual house where you can enter different rooms and find resources on different subjects.  We wanted to do something in the light of the current crisis engulfing the world – so we decided to set up a new room – The Panic Room.    This is a space where you go to chill, calm and get a wider perspective.  It’s not a room where you go to panic – the opposite.    We also want it to be a space where in the midst of bad news you get Good News.   It’s a room for both Christians and non-Christians….hopefully, those of you who are Christians will be encouraged by it and will use it to help communicate the good news to friends, work colleagues and family who are in lockdown…

Each day, Monday to Friday,  at 11am Sydney time – 8am Perth – 12 midnight UK – 7pm New York….you can join us live – there will be a link on the Third Space FB page –    We will also add the videos to the room on the Third Space website.

I hope that you will find this helpful…please feel free to offer us any constructive criticism – this will be rough and ready….but may it be used by the Lord.   And if you don’t like it – don’t worry – you don’t have to enter our panic room, just go, chill and find your own safe space!

May the Lord sustain and bless us all in this time of trial…

PS.  Don’t forget to pray.   I am doing daily prayer notes on the Christians United Call to Prayer website.  You can subscribe to them there.

We;ve just recorded vol. 2 – feel free..


  1. You ask for constructive criticism, the last time I responded to such a request was from a Church of Scotland speaker, it turned out that all he really wanted was praise. Probably should have learned my lesson, however, here goes:-

    I find the format cheesy and uncomfortable to watch. Ant and Dec are much better at it.

    Alternate between you and Stephen each day and link it into the excellent prayer diary you have been producing.

    God bless

  2. In NSW, we are not on daylight saving time now. Therefore the times for the other places will be different.

    Perth is now 2 hours behind NSW, not 3.
    U.K. is on daylight saving time, so their time is NSW – 9.
    New York, also on DST, is NSW – 14 hours.

    I find the site very helpful.

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