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Ten Most Read Articles in 2019

I always like looking back at this time of year.  When I write I never know what people will read and I find it fascinating to see what they do.  This past year these were the ten most read articles..


That’s for all my Baptist and Paedobaptist friends….



The Church of Scotland continues its slide into irrelevancy and apostasy.  And the worst things is – no one seems to care.


It is no coincidence that the churches slide is matched by the nations.  This article about Scotland and the darkness Nicola Sturgeon is leading us into was welcomed in some quarters more than others!



Steve Chalke had another book out.  I”m not saying this was because of my review but apparently it’s sales have been dreadful….suffice it to say it’s probably the most self-indulgent and heretical book I’ve read this year.   Strangely enough today someone asked me about it….


This article combines transmania, education, politics, corporations, the media and the church.


I was also asked about this article yesterday.    The shadow of Mark Driscoll is still long.  It’s amazing to me how many fallen pastors have come back into full time ministry with what appears to be a considerable lack of self awareness and humility.


Be careful about quoting this blog – especially if you are a Church of England vicar – you could be fired!  Such is the tolerance of our Brave New World.


This is a completely bizarre one to me.  I wrote an article about Elevation Church in the US in 2015 and it is still read by hundreds every month.  I have no idea why!


This article defending Chick-Fil-A went viral.  It still stands – even though CFA have since capitulatedto the Regressive mob.


Screenshot-2019-07-08-at-07.16.55By far the most read article of the year was this open letter to Ian Blackford.  It hurt to write it – not least because when I wrote it I did not realise that Ian is actually a member of the Free Church.  I have since written to the Church asking them to deal with the matter – but have not heard a thing.  It is deeply disappointing and reveals that the problems in Scotland are far deeper than I thought.

The Top Ten Countries

People from every country in the world apart from four, visited this blog – the top ten countries are as follows.

1. UK

2. USA

3. Australia

4. Canada

5. New Zealand

6. South Africa

7. Ireland

8. Malaysia

9. France

10. Switzerland.

See you in 2020…!



1 comment

  1. Is the church in Aussie, not saying we need to repent?!
    We’ve defied the Lord and voted against Him
    He loves this prodigal nation, isn’t it about time we (Aussies) focussed on what’s offended Him
    And as a nation repent, seek to reverse this defiance of His Holy order and cry for mercy
    Maybe He who has withdrawn His protection, may hear our prayers and be merciful
    And these unprecedented fires may cease
    Or do we blame this on everything else, and hope for the best, refuse to acknowledge our God and watch our cities burn?
    Make no mistake He can humble any nation
    Your sin is your sin
    And a nation so close to Him as Aussie should know better
    Our God is a Holy God and slow to anger but He is just and His Spirit can be grieved and silently withdraw

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