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Another Brick in the Wall – The Threat to Children

Did you hear the one about the doctor, the politician, the journalist, the artist, the vicar and the teacher?  Well, let’s begin with the teacher.  Watch this stunning video of a Scottish teacher explaining to a pupil why he had been kicked out of class.

For those for whom the above link doesn’t work – have a look at this


The pupil’s crime was that he had dared to state the view that there were two genders, male and female.  Look at the teacher’s response.  Apart from being angry, bullying and is chilling.

This is an inclusive school…(except of course for you and your views)

My opinion is acceptable in school, but yours isn’t.  You need to shut up and keep that opinion to your own house…

but not every policy is scientific….

This is so Orwellian….facts don’t matter – it’s only what the policy is…

“How many fingers am I holding up Winston?”

The Teacher goes on:

I am not putting my opinion, I am stating what is national school policy….I know what you think, and I know what the authority thinks.You chose to make an issue of making a point which is contrary to policy.

I am a Scot who loves education – which is why I hate what my country is becoming – under The Party.   This totalitarian ideology is being used to indoctrinate children into the unscientific and harmful ideology of Queer theory.  Not every pupil is as brave as the young man who took this video.   On Sunday I was speaking to a group of young people who were asking how they could disagree with a teacher.  They are genuinely scared and intimidated.

Again it reminds us of another prescient song – in which the Teacher was also Scottish!

But this is not just a Scottish problem – when I wrote A.S.K , the one question that came from every continent was about gender and transgender.  This irrational ideology has been spread through the elites and is being transmitted by the Internet, media and ‘education’ into the general populace – especially the children and young.  When the UK parliament debated Transgender I recall with horror a ‘Conservative’ MP stating that we should forget the adults and concentrate on getting the children.

Hey Teacher, leave them kids alone….

Intimidation and indoctrination are the modus operandi of the current Establishment.  I could tell you of teachers who are scared not to teach this new doctrine – or to question it.    The TIE (Time for Inclusive Education) is being used as a Trojan horse to impose this ideology.  Stonewall use their carrot (we will give you an LGBT award) and stick (we will report you to the authorities) approach to impose their teachings.  And everyone caves in.  Our children now regularly have LGBT days, weeks and months imposed upon them – and woe betide anyone who does not wear the Rainbow!  To even question means your card is marked.

The Doctor – again I could give numerous examples – several doctors have contacted me (on the promise of anonymity) to tell me about the pressures they are under.  Like the consultant who was told to instruct his staff in a maternity ward not to use the term ‘breastfeeding’ because it would be offensive to the two trans men who had artificial chests to enable them to breastfeed.  Because they do not have breasts it should be called ‘chestfeeding’. Or the GP who is under pressure to refer children to the Tavistock clinic by parents who think being a tomboy is an indication of being ‘trapped in the wrong body’.  Or the medical student who worries about whether they will get a job if they are asked about gender identity.  Or the nursing student whose second lecture in their first year was on ‘nursing transgender’ (0.001% of the population).

Screenshot 2019-06-18 at 08.31.50The Politician – I think about the politicians who want to speak and vote against the Scottish and Governments proposals for gender self-recognition but are scared because of the Party (in this case it is almost all parties) and the online Mob.   Again if you want an example of how things are going – just look at the current Tory party leadership race.  Boris Johnson tweets about how LGBT friendly he is – and Rory Stewart tells a Trans person conveniently sitting at the front of his audience and selected to ask a question that we accept your identity…and that we can be whoever we want to be.  Imagine the uproar if he had said, ‘we love you, abhor discrimination and violence and want to protect you and help you, but I don’t accept that we can choose or change gender'”?!  (Note – After I wrote this it came to light that Kate Forbes, Scottish Government minister and Joanna Cherry SNP MP and 13 other senior SNP politicians have spoken up about this – see the link at the end….kudos to them.  Pray for them…)

The Journalist –  I think of the journalist who, after interviewing me on transgender, told me that they agreed entirely but could not write a favourable piece because they could lose their job.  I  understand – after all, I was dropped from BBC Radio 5 Live for daring to disagree with the new State doctrine.    The media in general, with honourable exceptions like Iain MacWhirter and Janice Turner, struggle to do their job.  Witness the horrendous case of Trans activist, Munroe Bergdorf and the NSPCC – 

The Woke Corporation –  Much of today’s power lies in the Corporations.  They have made a Faustian pact with the Political and Media Establishments.  They provide the money – providing they are left free to make money….and they show how ‘compassionate, tolerant, caring’ etc they are by supporting whatever the cause d’ jour is.  In today’s Zeitgeist, this means that Budweiser will give you beer mugs coloured according to your sexuality, and M and S will give you LGBT sandwiches!

The Artist –  Our arts Establishment are not free thinkers either.   Everywhere you go the Trans ideology is presupposed and imposed.  We were in London last week and the South Bank was full of Trans ‘art’…..If you want to see how the Educational and Arts Establishments are intertwined then read this horrific account of ‘training’ for teachers at the Hayward Gallery 

The Vicar – Much of the Church Establishment (Church of England, Church of Scotland and ‘liberal evangelicals’ like Steve Chalke, Jayne Ozanne and Vicky Beeching) goes along with the Civic Establishment, precisely because they have more interest in being part of the latter, rather than part of the Kingdom of Christ.   But not all…..yesterday we brought you the story of Rev. Peter Hughes – who was thrown under the bus by his own denomination, for daring to question the Trans ideology.

The Teacher above is not unique.  It is the way our society is going.  A new ideology and morality is being imposed from on high on all of us.    Many more of us need to speak up and act, like this young man – before it becomes too late (and videos like this are banned from YouTube and social media for being ‘hate speech’.   Where are the politicians, journalists, health staff, educators and clergy who are prepared to speak up about this?  It may be personally costly – but the price of silence is even greater.

PS.  This podcast is even more relevant now….

And this good news came in after I posted this article…the fightback is on!

Fifteen senior SNP politicians, including three government ministers and a deputy presiding officer of the Scottish Parliament, have called for the Scottish Government not to “rush” into legislation they claim could change the definition of what it means to be male and female.

PS.  I should not need to say this but I think I have to add this caveat.  The above should not be taken as a reason or excuse for attacking or mocking those who suffer from Gender Identity Disorder.  They need our compassion and love not our spite or hatred.  It’s because we love the people that we disagree with the ideology.





  1. I wonder if anyone from the school or the education authority will comment on the behaviour of this teacher. I feel ashamed of the profession I used to belong to if this is truly a reflection of the culture that exists in our schools.

  2. I’m not sure that Gender Identity Disorder is a real thing in God’s eyes, but I will accept people as sinners and hope that they repent. A teacher in a district near us was fired because he refused to call a girl a boy (he was a French teacher). When he appealed to the board, he was denied so he lost his job over what I consider foolishness. So sad!

  3. I need to laugh at this blog pointing out ‘the science’ of gender definition while leaving science at the door with almost everything else when it conflicts with the views of your biblical ideologies.

    People are free to speak. They are free to ridicule silly ideas. It doesn’t make people (or societies) totalitarian. It’s about protecting the truth and what is good and decent in the world.

    1. Sadly you are laughing out of ignorance. Science does not conflict with the Word of God. But you are right. People in Societies founded on Christian democracy are free to speak and ridicule as well. No one is claiming otherwise. The point of this post, which you seem to have missed (as you missed the connection between science and Christianity) is that this freedom is being taken away, by totalitarian secular humanists. How do you know what truth is? Or indeed what goodness and decency are? Sorry for ridiculing you – but as you said – it’s my right!

      1. I would say the only OBJECTIVE truth is science. I would say the being good and decent is something that is inherit in our minds and also a product of constructive conversation with peers.

        With that in mind I can say that your plight is objectively wrong. Your paranoia about a growing totalitarian culture is laughable. They just don’t agree with you pal. Accept it for what it is. It’s an adverse opinion. Just because culture/politics is getting smarter and moving away from the, no longer applicable, message in the bible doesn’t mean it’s totalitarian.

        Anyway. Nothing I say will change your mind on that. Please know that I respectfully think you’re misinformed and you are wasting your energy. All the best!

      2. How do you know that the only objective truth is science? Is that a scientific statement? If not then how can it be true?

        You also have no scientific evidence at all that being ‘good and decent’ is something that is inherent in our minds – so again by your own criteria that statement, like all your statements, cannot be objectively true.

        I note that you provide no evidence, no science and no facts. Just opinions backed up with emotion and mockery. Of course you can’t see the totalitraianism – because you can’t see anything beyond your narrow ideology.

        And yes you could change my mind – just provide me with facts and reason….not emotive soundbites and assertions…

      3. @ Ashley

        Science complements the word of God of which I could give examples.

        Please do, Ashley. I for one am very interested to read any examples you are able to offer.

  4. This video, which will probably go viral, deeply saddens me. I don’t know if it was Murray or another who recorded the episode and posted it. But I suspect that Murray will be blamed and “disciplined” for bringing the school “into disrepute”, (although how much more disreputable it can become is beyond me).

    The teacher is a weak man who is probably terrified of losing his job and so bends to the prevailing zeitgeist, as will many others. He knew that what he was saying was complete b****cks (please excuse my language but I feel very strongly about this), but he persisted, and so if fully culpable.

    If Murray is disciplined I hope that the school will be held legally accountable for bullying and harassment of a pupil. I wonder if anyone in the Scottish education department has a conscience and will feel ashamed about this?

    I doubt it.

  5. I think we need to remember the Teachers put in these horrible situations. He didn’t look like a man who wanted to take this position. I’ve also been told that the pupil is a frequent mischief maker at the school so let’s not jump on the bandwagon just yet.

    1. He is the teacher who expelled the pupil from the classroom for stating that there were two genders. What you have been ‘told’ is gossip. I don’t know the pupil and I don’t need to know. I can hear the words and anger of the teacher pouting nonsense. I have no sympathy with someone who cites ‘policy’ to teach children nonsense and to bully those who dare to question…

      1. I agree it is a nonsense but so do the vast majority of teachers and ultimately they don’t have a say in educational policy. I know exactly which school this is in and I also have a good friend who is another teacher at the school so it’s fairly reliable information I’ve been fed. It’s a school in Laurencekirk if you’re not convinced. I feel sorry for everybody involved in this awful mess.

      2. Not convinced of what? Are you denying that this incident happened? That the teacher said what he said? That he was wrong? Whichever way you try to justify it, he was wrong – and the system that produced him is wrong.

      3. Irrespective to how you feel regarding the LGBT ‘indoctrination’ in schools please answer the following :

        Do you have any empathy towards transgender people?

        Do you agree that they should be treated exactly the same way you expect to be treated?

        Do you agree that it is not their fault they happen to be transgender?

        If you agree to any of the above then can I ask how would you propose that the future (and current) generations are raised to respect their existence?

      4. In answer to your questions.

        1) Yes. I have empathy towards all people.
        2) Yes.
        3) Yes – Usually
        4) Accepting the Christian teaching that all human beings are made in the image of God and deserve to be treated with respect.

      5. Quite. To teach children nonsense and bully those who dare to question: you’re set on the path to totalitarianism. To paraphrase George Orwell or whoever it was: ‘The biggest threat to liberty is when you’re threatened by those with whom you disagree’.

      6. I cannot seem to reply to your response to my last comment.

        You say I do not provide any facts, please enlighten me where you have? I read your full story, you pick random examples of the world going mad.. From doctors, teachers, politician’s.. Most of it unverifiable. A lot of these people will be like the majority of the populus, they do not really understand. It is hard to understand.

        My fact is I raised a boy who for his entire childhood was deeply unhappy. Disturbingly, very unhappy. I wish I knew 15 years ago what I know now. That started to change two years ago when she started her transition. The first thing she said to me is she cannot continue living a lie

        I am delighted for her. The future is far more promising. Gendercan be changed.

        The ONLY news I see related to LGBT and transgenders in general, is over sensationalised reporting. This story of yours is yet another example of that. And, dare I say it, it includes fabricated information as well. That damages the LGBT community as a lot of people will read it and believe it as facts.

        I do not need facts, I have lived with one for 21 years. You think you understand, but you clearly do not.

        Good day.

      7. Please feel free to let me know the ‘fabricated’ information. I’m sorry that I cannot comment on your personal circumstances because obviously, I do not know them. I could comment on other personal circumstances I do know – including those who suffer from GID and those who have been misled, bullied and abused by the Transgender ideology. But I won’t because they are personal stories, which cannot be verified by others, and should not be used for argument. I don’t pick ‘random examples’…The story in this article is not fabricated at all. It seems as though you just deny any story that does not fit your pre-conceived views.

      8. Classic example, implicaton that breast feeding will have to be renamed chest feeding. Do you not realise how ridiculous that is? If such a scenario ever did happen, that trans woman would be more than happy for it to be referred to as breast feeding. After all, she is a woman.

        Articles with such content only serve one purpose, and that is to ridicule and encourage others to resent trans people.

        You aside, gilligan from the Times is well known for such work. Inventing stories and headlines to try and bring the charity Mermaids in to disrepute. Due to my ties with Mermaids, I know what he states is a, pack of lies. And the same with Christian Concern. To be honest, it sickens me.

        However as, you say, it is hard for me to prove anything, likewise you. So, we shall just have, to agree to disagree.

      9. Thanks for your classic example – because it is – of how you comment, presume and condemn without knowing… That scenario did happen. It was guidance from the BMA. And a transwoman cannot breast feed because he does not have breasts which produce milk because he is biologically a man – and that can never change. Hence the need for the term chestfeeding – because at the time of the guidance there were two transwomen in the UK who had artificial chests to enable them to ‘chestfeed’.,

        Mermaids is a dishonest and disreputable organisation – whose guidance is nonsense and who cause a great deal of harm.

      10. Your last comment sums you up doesn’t it?! In fact it proves what I have been saying all along. It would be interesting to know on what basis you made that judgement but I suspect I already know. It is obvious you are no better then the aforementioned in my previous comment. No doubt you will respond, claiming the higher ground.

        If you are remotely interested in the truth, read this.

      11. So you make an accusation. I answer it and prove it false…and you just move on to another one. Citing Gaystar News as an absolute authority is a good one though!

      12. Re chest feeding? I’m still laughing, sorry……

        That letter, published in gaystar is from a genuine source, but of course you don’t have to believe it. I have seen the original and I also know the author.

        I can see the irony in the weeflea inferring gaystar news is not a reputable source.

        You should read that letter, it may… just may, make you reconsider as to the damage people such as yourself, can cause.

      13. I occasionally read Gaystar and I know where they are coming from and how they make Pravda look truthful! I can also produce letters – like the teenage girl who is suicidal because after she rejected the Trans movement she was part of, was harassed, bullied and condemned. Perhaps you need to think about the damage people such as yourself can cause? And the enormous harm that the imposition of Queer Theory and the resultant trans ideology is causing? And I don’t believe it is helping those who are genuinely trans and have GID… Meanwhile have a look at this…

  6. The pupil’s crime was that he had dared to state the view that there were two genders, male and female.

    First, Murray committed no crime, though I suspect you were simply using the word in the vernacular sense. He was merely expressing a viewpoint. The question, of course being, is this viewpoint correct?
    Second. Confusion always seems to surround the word/term gender and whether there are only two genders?
    Apparently, the Navaho, for example consider there are four !

  7. “harmful ideology of Queer theory”

    Has this been properly demonstrated? I mean scientifically demonstrated beyond the benign anecdotes of ‘chestfeeding’ and ‘LGBT sandwiches’?

    1. Has what been properly demonstrated? If you mean the harmful ideology of Queer Theory? Yes – numerous times. Just read the many articles on this blog on the subject. Or something like When Harry Became Sally by Ryan T Anderson. Ironic that you post this remark in an article in which the teacher says it doesn’t matter what science says!

  8. So much for ‘progressive Scotland’. Will they be sacking all biology teachers soon? Queer Theory has went through the education system faster than the Ebola virus. Its astounding to see a pupil being bullied for stating a scientific fact in such an inclusive school! Herbert Marcuse would be pleased to see an example of his repressive tolerance being doled out on a minor.

  9. When challengers organise themselves into an effective resistance this totalitarian campaign to enslave us can be brought to an end. Otherwise we will have to wait until it collapses under the weight of its own internal contradictions. And that can be a long time.

    1. Absolutely correct Alan. The resistance must organise. School chaplains are very well placed to challenge head teachers and education authorities re this indoctrination. Sadly it appears that most school chaplains are manifestly and shamefully failing in their spiritual and pastoral duties to pupils and teachers on this matter.

  10. While I agree with much of what you say David ,Like Blair I think that there is more to this than meets the eye !

    1. There is always more to everything than meets the eye. In this case there is far more – this is now standard for the indoctrination that is going on in Scottish schools. I have received numerous reports of the same type of stuff. What do you mean by ‘more to this than meets the eye’? DO you actually have any evidence of that – or is it just a feeling?

      1. Like you David, We have only the clip before us, with no knowledge of the pupil or the school and while I am in total agreement with gender being assigned in the womb , my own experience of a post war Scottish education now awakens me to have a little sympathy with the teaching profession.

        Some of my teachers had experience of the battlefield but the war never prepared them for the classroom . By the time I and others arrived in secondary education it was them , and us , and any weakness to be found in them was to be fully exploited . They had several punishments of choice to maintain discipline . Lines , for minor offences , the strap or “Lochgelly” , detention after school day , being sent to the Rector ( now you really were in trouble) and the last resort which was rarely used , expulsion ! To this day I have never attended a class or school reunion because of the trials I put some of those people through .
        Years later , on taking a preaching engagement in the Central Belt an old Headmaster and his wife in shock and disbelief ,traveled to the church to see if it really was the pupil that had been the cause of their long suffering . In another church , before I began preaching I had to publicly make an apology to a dear former lady teacher , whose life I and others had made a misery . Almost all methods of discipline were administered daily . All tried , and failed miserably !

        I am sure that the pupil being lectured is not in that category , but there is sufficient in the dialogue for me to think, not feel , that something smells , just a little !

        Safe journey David , I do hope we will still be blessed in your stand for truth while on “walkabout” Please , some time include a photo of yourself in an Aussie hat with the brim festooned with corks . That’s how I imagine a real Aussie !

      2. Gender is not ‘assigned’ anywhere…it just is…like skin colour and height.

        And of course we have sympathy with teachers….but that still does not take away from what is said and done here. It is irrelevant whether the pupil is a pain or ill-disciplined. – it is WHAT the teacher said that matters. Yes what smells is that a teacher is arguing it is ‘against policy’ to say that there are only two genders – and this is an opinion that should be kept at home’. Please don’t excuse sin….

  11. Thank you for replying to my questions. Unfortunately your 4th answer will not work. I was brought to this page by the Christian Concern FB page. Most of the comments on there, transgender is of special interest to the CC crew, are very negative towards the transgender community. The only way this prejudism can be erased is to educate all children at a young age.

    1. Yes my 4th answer does work. Unless you think that caring for or loving someone means you have to agree with everything they do or think. I care for those with anorexia who think they are too fat even though they only weigh 7 stone. But it is BECAUSE I love them that I don’t affirm them in their disorder. Likewise with people who suffer from GID….it is BECAUSE I love them that I don’t want them to be confirmed in their disorder by a cruel and wicked ideology. Disappointed that you apparently do…

      1. Well, that’s where you have unfortunately come unstuck. It is a real condirion. As a parent of such a person now aged 21 I know all too well it is real, not something they thought ‘hey this will be cool’

        To call it an ideology is an nsult to their existence. No doubt you too would feel insulted if I suggested worshipping God is an even bigger ideology.

        It saddens me that so many people have such a forceful opinion and have a platform to shout that opinion when they are armed with very little facts. Maybe if this education was around when you were at school you may think differently……

        Like the rest, you will still claim you are right. Of course, you are an expert, I presume you also have an in depth knowledge of all other medical conditions known to man?!

      2. Yes – GID is a real condition. I am not denying that.
        I am not calling the condition an ‘ideology’ – I am called the ideology of Queer Theory an ideology.
        Yes – Christianity is also an ideology. Why would I think that is an insult?
        I agree with you about the danger of expressing an opinion being armed with very little facts. Which is sadly where your post is coming from. You will note how you have not presented one fact in your post – just insults and a mocking superiority. You assume I know nothing about this and if only I had been ‘educated’ (ie. indoctrinated) at school I would see that you are right.

        Its ironic that you seem to think that it is unusual and wrong for someone who argues for a position to think that that position is right! You do the same – as does anyone with any integrity. You don’t argue for what you think is wrong. My view is that of Anthony Flew’s – I follow where the facts lead. Feel free to provide some.

        The sneering sarcasm of your last sentence is not helpful.

  12. What I was told may well be gossip but it was still gossip told by a reliable source. My point was merely that guidance teachers are given subjects to teach. If a pupil repeatedly disrupts the class because of his views however right he may be (which he is in this instance) it is only fair that he is removed for the benefit of the rest of the class. I would expect the same outcome if it was a r.e class or any other for that matter. Somebody may disagree with Islam being taught in r.e but that doesnt give them the right to disrupt the teaching in the class.

    1. Gossip that is passed on is always from ‘a reliable source’. But you are missing the point – what is concerning here is what the teacher said – as well as his bullying manner and tone. Does it not bother you that it is ‘policy’ to teach that there are many genders and that those who disagree are to keep silent? Its a lie. Are you endorsing our children being indoctrinated with lies and being bullied into science.

      1. I’m definitely not endorsing it. It is absurd and a waste of teaching resources. My only point was that it is unfair to simply shoot the messenger in this instance. He is only paying lip service to a policy that was enforced upon him by the Scottish Government.

        I feel we need to wait for this fad to run its course. As society moves on to the next fad (transhumanism possibly) the funding and interest will start to peter out.

      2. Teachers do not have to teach that message. They do not have to expel pupils from class for disagreeing with them. The teacher here was a bully spouting nonsense as though it were true. And it’s not just a fad – your attitude is bit naive and callous. Our children are being indoctrinated and abused – and you just shrug your shoulders and say it will pass and be replaced by something worse! That’s not where I, as a Christian, am prepared to do..

  13. My view is that of Anthony Flew’s – I follow where the facts lead. Feel free to provide some./blockquote>

    Oh, dear.
    You obviously don’t know the real story behind this nonsense, do you David?
    Aside from the controversy sparked by Varghese – which on the strength of your remark regarding integrity I sincerely hope you are not aware of – even if Flew’s conversion is considered legitimate the only claim >is for deism, which is a million miles from Christianity and even further away from the specific form of Christian that you believe.
    But perhaps this is what you are suggesting? Are you saying that, like Flew, you are a now a deist?
    Somehow I doubt this.
    Therefore, in future, you might want to do a little background checking before you make such a sweeping statement.
    In fact, for your own piece of mind I strongly suggest you do a little more in-depth research regarding your claim about Anthony Flew and the underhand shenanigans that
    surrounded the writing of this book.

    1. Ark – you have been told many times. Read what you are commenting on and think about it first. It will save you time and embarrassment. Anthony Flew had a motto ‘I go where the facts lead me”. It was a basic principle of his life. One I admire and follow. I realise that for you this is a strange concept…you tend to decide where you are wanting to go and then look for facts to back you up. In this instance, I was simply referring to Flew’s principle – not his last book announcing his conversion to Deism…By the way I do not post many of your posts because a) its my blog and I don’t really want you using it for your intemperate rants and b) many of your posts are irrelevant and boring….

      1. I realise that for you this is a strange concept…you tend to decide where you are wanting to go and then look for facts to back you up.

        Interesting. As for you following where the facts lead: You are an evangelical Christian.
        The primary tenets of your faith involve acceptance of supernatural claims with no evidence to support them. Yes, this is a fact.
        However, please, I implore you, share the ‘facts’ of these tenets that led you to embrace this worldview?

      2. My faith is based on facts….and I have written two books full of them. Take time away from your keyboard and go read them!

  14. Slightly off topic, but one brief answer to Ark’s question for examples about how science complements the Word of God.


    Science tells us in great detail that the universe had a beginning (and they do not have a clue as to why there is something rather than nothing) – the so-called “big bang”.

    The bible says, “In the beginning God created the heavens and the earth”.

    Then science tells us that in the first trillionth of a trillionth of a second (or thereabouts) light (and time) were created. The bible says, “God said, Let there be light. And there was light”.

    Just a couple of fairly obvious examples of science complementing the bible, (but I am not claiming that the bible is in any way a “science” book).

    1. @ Tom

      Science: the intellectual and practical activity encompassing the systematic study of the structure and behaviour of the physical and natural world through observation and experiment.
      I donpt see any reference to any sort of god in that statement so would you please explain in what way does science complement the bible?


      1. Three ways the sciences complement the Bible, Ark:
        • Cosmology — There was a beginning.
        • Geology — Mankind has dominion.
        • Biology — Life has a single origin.
        If you want to add the social sciences, we have also:
        • Archaeology — which never contradicts what the Bible actually says.
        • History — Historical geography; chronology; social history; cult history; diplomatic/military history; eyewitness records; and documentary history all complement the Biblical text. (And before you deny the historicity of the Resurrection on the grounds that the rules of modern historiography prohibit the historian from saying that the Resurrection was an historical event; just remember that those same rules insist that we record as historical fact that hundreds of people saw the Risen Christ.)
        Shall we bring in Jurisprudence? Why not?
        • Testimony — The eyewitness testimony to the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ cannot be gainsayed.
        And finally, perhaps the softest of the social sciences:
        • Sociology — The Faith that was once for all delivered to the saints [Jude 3] (for which we contend) ought not be dismissed as objective evidence. Any observer can see that what the Bible calls faith is both real and rational.


      2. Could I throw in another for psychology? I recall someone pointing out that “men, love your wives” and “a woman should respect her husband” are echoed in today’s relationship self-help books which proclaim a woman is most respected when she is most loved, and a man is most loved when he is most respected. But of course the former is held to be sexist and the latter to be a revelation!

  15. You are sensationalising the content of this video probably because it suits your narrative. LGBT stuff is shown in schools these days but that does not equate to indoctrination. Students just nod along to this stuff much in the same way they just nodded along to the Christian messages in assemblies in the past. They just want to get through it so they can talk about what really matters to them, football or love island. I know that sounds superficial, but that is what most people are.

    1. No – I am not ‘sensationalising’ it. The video speaks for itself. You are trying to ignore and play down the evidence. And yes – LGBT indoctrination is occuring. Please don’t be so dismissive of young people as being ‘superficial’.

      1. So comparing it to George Orwell’s 1984 isn’t sensationalising it? You compared the lead character being tortured to a teacher telling off a mouthy school kid.

        It’s nothing more than a tick box exercise like most things these days. Government’s need to be seen to be doing something about the latest thing on the human rights agenda. When you compare the hardship faced by believers around the world and throughout history, it is for that reason that I am not overly concerned.

        As for describing the young people and instagramers of today’s generation as superficial. I would 100% stand by that assessment.

      2. Have you actually read 1984? You do know how it is used? Asking people to say the opposite of what is true in order to be accepted by the Establishment (‘truth is whatever Big Brother says it is’). That was the point of what I was saying – so no it was not sensationalising it, as any one who knew 1984 would understand.

        No this is not a tick box exercise. This is being indoctrinated into our children from a very young age. You are very blase about it. I’m not. Your comparison with persecution around the world is comparing apples and oranges and not relevant – not least because I did not say it was persecution (now who is sensationalising?!)

        I don’t share either your blase attitude or your cynical view of young people.

  16. I understand why you are so forthright when I see some of the other frequent comments by the trolls on here. You’re right I am very blase about it. But can you blame me? The content is gobble-dee-gook, teachers don’t understand it and teachers don’t know how to teach it. The LGBT movement is a jumbled together, mish mash of ideas with no clear vision other than to achieve the highest level of victimhood. I have every confidence it will eventually consume itself in the pursuit of the unobtainable.

    As for sensationalising the content. Your blog wouldn’t be as excellent if you didn’t so don’t convince yourself you don’t do it.

    1. Thanks = but the truth is sensational without needing to sensationalise it! Of course the content is goobledygook – but that does not stop it being harmful. I have seen first hand the harm this is doing to children and young people. The LGBT movement is much more coherent than you suggest – especially at its ideological core…

  17. @ John K
    • Archaeology — which never contradicts what the Bible actually says.”

    William Dever:

    Archaeology as it is practiced today must be able to challenge, as well as confirm, the Bible stories. Some things described there really did happen, but others did not. The biblical narratives about Abraham, Moses, Joshua and Solomon probably reflect some historical memories of people and places, but the ‘larger than life’ portraits of the Bible are unrealistic and contradicted by the archaeological evidence.
    I am not reading the Bible as Scripture… I am in fact not even a theist. My view all along—and especially in the recent books—is first that the biblical narratives are indeed ‘stories,’ often fictional and almost always propagandistic, but that here and there they contain some valid historical information

    1. It is good, Ark,
      that you are supplying such a fullsome quote from William Dever because when he says that ‘here and there [the biblical narratives] contain some valid historical information’ he admits to a degree of archaeological complementing of the Biblical text.
      However since he picks out what he calls “the ‘larger than life’ portraits of the Bible” as the bits that are ‘unrealistic and contradicted by the archaeological evidence’, maybe we should look at those areas that he might consider unrealistically larger than life. For example, Dever considers it to be unrealistic that Joshua was an active commander of Israel’s army when he was over eighty years old. Fair enough — though that’s what the Bible actually says — but Dever, maybe forgetting that, inadvertently demonstrates that the archaeology of Lachish confirms Joshua’s great age. [p. 50 of Who Were The Early Israelites]:

      [L]arge-scale excavations carried out by Israeli archaeologists in 1973-87 have proven that the destruction in question took place perhaps as late as 1170 B.C., as shown by an inscribed bronze bearing the cartouche of Ramses III (ca. 1198-1166 B.C. ). That is some fifty years too late for our commander-in-chief Joshua — unless he was leading troops into battle well into his eighties.

      Dever proves to be a better archaeologist than he is a Bible scholar: his findings are challengeable; especially when it comes to what the Bible actually says.

      1. My replies fail to appear on such regular basis that the effort of refuting your somewhat cherry-picked answers in the face of Davids’s continuous selective moderation has simply reached a point of such tedium that I can’t be bothered to interact with you on this site any more, John.

        You are more than welcome to pop over to my site whenever you feel like, and you will not have to run the gauntlet of wondering if any of your comments will be published.

        If you would like me to open a thread on the topic at hand – Science complements the word of God – and specifically your archaeology claim, let me know?

      2. Ark,
        your problem is that you can’t bring yourself to discard a poor argument. Dever was never a good champion for your minimalist view and you gave me the quote you are now saying I cherry-picked!
        Oh! and the other one, about Joshua being in his eighties: that’s a plum, not a cherry but I suspect it’s probably ‘rotten’ for all that. Joshua’s minimum age at the end of the Exodus is so well known that it’s much more likely that the ‘well into his eighties’ thing is an editorial ‘correction’ that hasn’t been picked up in the proof-reading.
        Don’t be too hard on Dever; he’s quite right that ‘Archaeology as it is practiced today must be able to challenge, as well as confirm, the Bible stories.’ His trouble is that the ‘Bible stories’ he’s working from and challenging are all too often stories as retold by the Higher Critical scholars of another generation or, alternatively, the pious interpolations of Sunday school teachers who could also do with a gentle redirection towards what the Bible actually says. As could we all.

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