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Quantum 65 – The One with MIgrant Deaths; Abortion in NI; Trudeau; Female Rapists? Australia’s Giant Battery; Chick-Fil-A Ban; Bercow; Brian Soutar; Paula White; John MacArthur; Stairway to Heaven;


This weeks Quantum looks at issues in Canada, Australia, Northern Ireland, the UK, the US,

We look at the migrant deaths in the UK –  –

Its been a tragic week for Northern Ireland – Psalm 85 expresses it well…


Trudeau ‘wins’ –


Rapists can identify as Female….Progress?

Australia’s Giant battery –

Kelloggs and Gay Frosties 

Meanwhile the Speaker of the House of Commons continues to display his arrogance and virtue signalling.


Doubtless the Speaker would approve of a man winning a woman’s cycle race – and of a company producing sanitary towels removing a female sign on their packaging.   And the LGBT activists getting Chick-Fil-A banned.

Meanwhile on the other side of the cultural divide the Christian businessman Sir Brian Soutar has just given 109 million to charity.  

And Paula White has a new book….


John Macarthurs unwise and ungracious remarks about Beth Moore have gone viral

We finish with two bits of music…

9 year old ronan Martin at Boston conference – love this…


And this astonishing display from Heart…just watch and admire!  Performing one of the best live performances you will ever see…some great drumming, vocals and instrumental work….astounding and beautiful!


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  1. Brian Soutar’s donation is generous . I believe he is a Christian so it makes theological sense to go this pre – mortem route.

    Other billionaires, like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are eschewing charity and hoping to meet the celestial – dwelling deity by financing space travel.

    1. “Other billionaires, like Jeff Bezos and Elon Musk are eschewing charity and hoping to meet the celestial – dwelling deity by financing space travel.”
      Some quick research shows that this is false –
      “Bezos has topped the list of the 50 donors who gave the most to charity” (not that I am a fan of Amazon considering its working conditions) :-
      And the same goes for Elon Musk: –
      “Inside Elon Musk’s Humanitarian Efforts”
      We didn’t invent charity and we as Christians aren’t always the best at giving at charity – Christ told us to give away ALL our wealth but I bet Soutar will conveniently ‘forget’ that part of the Bible

      1. Yes, thank you for correcting my lack of focus What I meant was that Bezos and Musk have not made charity the centre of their efforts, unlike Bill Gates, Warren Buffett ( a promised posthumous asset injection of Berkshire Hathaway stock for the Gates foundation ) or the egregious George Soros.

        I do not believe that Bezos has signed the famous “Giving Pledge” but his wife has done so.

  2. Jason took up where his dad left off. Fantastic version.
    I think it even brought a tear to Plant’s eye!

  3. Just listened to your comment regarding you having made similar remarks to those of John MacArthur. I am often frustrated by your comments, but then your humility kicks in and I am dragged back, by you, to God’s way. His strength is indeed made perfect in our weakness.
    Finally, you and Arkenaten on the same side. Sorry guys. Nothing near as good as the original.

    God bless you both.

  4. Migrant deaths are a sad result of Europe’s core “host” peoples ignoring this arithmetical proposition :

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