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Quantum 45 – D-Day; Trump’s Visit; Sadiq Khan; Tiananmen Square; Hope not Hate; Sudan; Atheism; Tolkien; Afghan Cricket; Florence Nightingale; A.S.K

This weeks Quantum looks at the visit of Donald Trump , including Sadiq Khan’s response, and the commemoration of D-Day…

Tiananmen Square. –

3) Praying for the President. – David Platt

4) Hope not Hate –

6) Sudan –

7) How many atheists are there?  What do they believe?

8) Tolkien –

9) Florence Nightingale –

10) Cricket – Afghanistan

Liverpool – Kloop –


12) A.S.K

Quote of the week –

Stephen Hawking – Heaven is a fairy story for those afraid of the dark

John Lennox – Atheism is a fairy story for those afraid of the light.

Quantum of Hope 44 – Australian ‘miracle’; EU Election; Naomi Wolf; Trans and Feminism; Todd Coontz; Virtual Church; The Oldest Bible Ms; Chick-Fil-A

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  1. Will not support this at all,I believe Trump is doing his best and that God walks with him !!!!

    1. But thats the problem Karen – by their fruits you shall know them. As the President he should be honoured and respected. But noone should claim he is a Christian – he made his money out of gambling, he used to support abortion (until political expediency meant he officially changed), he has a horrific attitude towards women, he lies and he shows no evidence of any fruit of the Spirit, or indeed any understanding of basic Christianity. Evangelical Christians are just voting fodder for him. I do pray for him, and I pray he will be converted…but I won’t proclaim him as the Christian president – just for political reasons.

  2. David, thank you for your blog. It is a wonderful resource and helpful in reflecting on so many important issues.
    On listening to a reflection on the week’s events on Radio Scotland, one of the contributors drew our attention to a speech given by President Reagan in 1984 at Ponte du Hoc as part of the fortieth anniversary commemorations of D Day. He promoted it as a contrast to the overblown pomp of the recent 75th events. There was a dignified simplicity and respect in the unpretentious backdrop and the power of beautifully crafted speechwriting and delivery.
    The religious references are particularly moving and powerful and I thought I would draw your attention to it if you haven’t yet had the chance to watch it.
    It can be easily found on YouTube.

  3. Clearly, neither Emily Thornberry nor Jeremy Corbyn want to be in government. You can only play the role of the political agititor when you think that you are never actuially going to be in government. Both of them must believe that at no time will they be placed in a position where they are having to deal with President Trump as leading members of a UK Government.

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