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In Conversation with Andy Bannister – A.S.K and Australia

This is my final interview with Solas – it was good to chat with Andy Bannister about A.S.K and Australia….



  1. David! Wonderful to hear that you are coming to Australia in the future to work with City Bible Forum. I wonder if you might consider being a speaker at the Darling Downs Easter Convention next year. The theme of the convention is ‘Let Your Kingdom Come’ – to help Christians realise that God is interested in having His will done & His name honoured in every aspect of human life. A friend of mine visited your church a year or so ago and was impressed with your keenness to address this very thing. Please let me know if this interests you.

  2. Thanks, David! The Darling Downs Easter Convention is a Keswick-style gathering. It has been operating in Warwick, southern Queensland, for 68 years. Last year our speakers were Rev Dr David Burge from Sydney Missionary & Bible College NSW, and Rev Dr Wesley Redgen of Queensland Theological College. They addressed the topic ‘God’s Mission in Persecution.. Our website has their (8) talks. We reach over 100 people, drawn from a wide area of northern NSW and Queensland. We already have one speaker lined up for next year. David Rogers-Smith is the head of Bush Church Aid Society, an (evangelical) arm of the Anglican Church. He is taking on the meaning & extent of the Kingdom, mostly from the New Testament. We would like someone to address the wider biblical understanding of God’s rule in the OT leading to the coming of Christ, along the lines of Graeme Goldsworthy’s ‘Gospel & Kingdom’, and Vaughan Roberts’ ‘God’s Big Picture’. We also feature missionary speakers, and offer financial support for a conventioner to go on short-term mission. We finance transport costs for our speakers, and gift them also. Please check out our website to get an idea of our ‘flavour’. God bless you!

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