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Quantum of Hope 44 – Australian ‘miracle’; EU Election; Naomi Wolf; Trans and Feminism; Todd Coontz; Virtual Church; The Oldest Bible Ms; Chick-Fil-A

Welcome to this weeks Quantum of Hope –

Was the election of Scott Morrison a ‘miracle’?  Should Boris Johnson be taken to court for the EU referendum?   Is the Indian election good for Christians?  What is happening with Israeli politics.?

A Canadian Feminist brings some sense to the trans debate in Scotland. A Church of England vicar, John Parker, takes a costly stance against the Trans indoctrination.


If nothing else you should listen to the clip from Naomi Wolf, as her ‘woke’ thesis on homosexuality in the 19th Century is publicly dismantled.

Is virtual church the way forward?

Those who see religion as a way to make money continue to be with us – the latest to be charged is Todd Coontz – his story is carried by the BBC.

There is really encouraging news about 4th Century churches being discovered in Scotland and Egypt,  And even more encouraging news about the oldest biblical manuscript being discovered to show 100% equivalence with the text we have.

Finally we finish with a great story about Chick-Fil-A  (Tim Hawkins video below is amusing!)

“Many persons wish to profit by the name of gentleness, so as to gain the applause and esteem of the world, but at the same time betray truth in a base and shameful manner”  Calvin – Commentary on Isaiah 42:3

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  1. Interesting. But have I simply missed the reflection on the Indian election you mentioned? Thanks.

  2. Thanks for another interesting program David and the laugh from Tim Hawkins. However I beg to differ re the miracle of the recent Australian election, I believe “He [God] changes times and seasons; he deposes kings and raises up others” although I agree with you He’s not into party politics. But that incredibly brave lady Ruth who spoke up on Q&A (possibly the most biased show on ABC and definitely not pro-Christian) spoke of the country wide prayer and fasting that went on pre-election and I believe those prayers were answered. It’s not even so much that we now have a Christian PM but that we have a reprieve from a Party that definitely had anti religious items on its agenda. The press and news media see the result as very much tied to climate change and other issues and are mostly ignoring this aspect (religious freedom) of why the unlosable election was lost. But the many Christians who prayed see it as a 3 year reprieve, a gift of time from God to use wisely. An answer to those prayers and indeed a miracle.

  3. Here is a link to Tansgender Trend, parents questioning transgender (UK).
    It is not a Christian campaign.They are seeking Crowdfunding for a campaign from Transgender Trend is a Call for Action to turn back the tide of gender ideology sweeping across schools and children’s services.
    More info is on the linked site.

  4. I wonder if you realise the “oldest biblical manuscript” link is to an article 3 years old. Is there a more current one?

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