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Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

This months Record is now out…This is the poetry page – the combination of Psalm 139 and this extraordinary new imagery is for me very powerful and moving…

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Politics and Abortion – An Interview on Branch FM

Ireland Regresses; Sunday, Bloody Sunday

You can get your copy of The Record here – 


  1. Hello David,

    My name is Kevin Olivier, and I work for the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform. We are glad that you are using our image of a 9 week fetus in the uterus, but we ask you to make a few small changes to bring your usage into alignment with our terms.

    These are the terms we are asking image users to follow:

    1. You condemn all abortion-related violence.
    2. Acknowledge the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform as the copyright holder. If you crop off the existing copyright caption, reproduce it exactly on or near the image.
    3. Display the age of the baby. If you opt to use a version of an image that doesn’t have the age caption on it, reproduce the age caption exactly, either in English or in non-English translation, on or near the image.
    4. Do not alter the images.
    5. Do not transfer the images to other individuals or groups who want to use them. Instead, refer those individuals or groups to us so they can obtain the images directly from us.
    6. Send us at least one quality photograph or screen shot of your use of the images so we may show our supporters the impact our images are having.

    Regarding #2, the copyright caption is slightly cut off at the bottom of your image. We ask you to show the complete copyright caption.

    Regarding #3, we see that you have the exact wording of the age caption in the final paragraph. Thank you. But we suggest that you make this age information more prominent so that viewers who quickly scan the image will see it. Many viewers will assume that this baby is from a later stage of the pregnancy than he really is, so the age is very important.

    Regarding #4, we see that you have described the size of the baby in the final paragraph. But we still want the in/cm scale in the image. You have apparently removed it or else somehow obtained an earlier version of the image that didn’t have it. We ask you to only use the image with the in/cm scale in it. If you need a newer version of the image, we will gladly send that to you.

    Regarding #6, no action is necessary since we already have the URL of the webpage in which you use our image.

    Thank you for your attention to this matter.

    1. Thanks Kevin – you may be unaware of this = but we wrote and got permission from your organisation to use this image in our magazine – The Record. In fact it was you who wrote us first and suggested we use it. We did so because we loved your work and because we are strongly anti-abortion…

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