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Romans 14; Romans 15:1-13; Grace

Last Sunday we continued to look at Romans…Romans 14 in the morning (Communion) and Romans 15: 1-13 in the evening.

Morning Service:

Songs: Great is the Lord and Most Worthy of all Praise; Indescribable; Man of Sorrows (Hillsong); Ps 119:153-160; May the Mind of Christ my Saviour; Ps 24:7-10

Readings: Acts 25:13-27; Psalm 119:153-160

Sermon: Romans 14 – The weak and the strong

Richard Baxter – “Lord, it belongs not to my care, Whether I die or live. To love and serve thee is my share; and this thy grace must give”.

Evening Service:

Songs: Sing to God New Songs of Worship;  Guide me O my Great Redeemer; Ps 130:1-8; On Jordan’s Stormy Banks I Stand;

Reading: Numbers 9

Sermon: Romans 15:1-13 – Accept one another

Stott “If faith is the means to joy and peace, overflowing hope is their consequence, and all four are due to the power of the Holy Spirit within us.”

Ministers Monday Message:

What a joy it was to welcome as new members at the communion yesterday, Nicola Fraser and Alexander Campbell. The work of the Lord is on going!

Please do continue to pray for the congregation as we move towards a transition period.

At the Free Church General Assembly last week, the subject of church plants in urban housing schemes was discussed. We currently have three, Govan in Glasgow, Merkinch in Inverness and our own Charleston. This work is not an easy work and can be lonely and isolating. Charleston and Merkinch are both involved with Twenty Schemes – who are very supportive. But what can we do to help Andy and Caireen and the rest of the team in Charleston. Ask. Ask the Lord to bless, protect, guide and convert. Ask how much we can give of our money. And thirdly just ask Andy what they need. The temptation is for those not involved to think that we know what is needed…but I don’t. And so we ask.

Speaking of Ask. I have a new book out today called A.S.K (Ask, Seek, Knock)…. it’s a book of 52 questions from teenagers all over the world – including our own. This will be available at the bookstall this coming Sunday and from CLC in town, Amazon etc.…I think it’s a book that would be suitable for adults as well.

I hope that you will be able to make it to the Decades in Dundee Event on Saturday evening. Here is where you can get free tickets……

See you then,

Or next Sunday….

May the Lord richly bless you this week,

Yours in Christ


Praise Song of the Week:


Joe Barnard, the Last Sundays and Decades in Dundee


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