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Quantum 34; East African Cyclone; Mosque Shootings; Nigerian Slaughter; Utrecht; Islamaphobia; Brexit; Iranian Refugee Christian; Misgendering; LGBT Indoctrination; Afghanistan Cricket; John Stott

Welcome to Quantum no. 34

  • Cyclone in Mozambique – Zimbabwe and Malawi –

  • New Zealand Mosque Shootings – Dutch and African killings.

Nicola Sturgeon –

Brendan O’Neil –

Erodgan –

  • Brexit

  • Iranian Christian Refused Asylum 

  • British Journalist Questioned for Misgendering

  • British MP condemns parents who don’t want LGBT indoctrination

7) Out of the Ashes –

Quote of the Week – “If you want me to stick my neck out, I think I would say that if the Church were officially to approve homosexual partnerships as a legitimate alternative to hetrosexual marriage, this so far diverges from biblical sexual ethics that I would find it exceedingly difficult to stay. I might want to stay on and fight a few more years, but if they persisted I would have to leave” (John Stott, Balanced Christianity p.61)

Quantum 33 -UK Parliament; Michael Jackson; David Steele; Transmania; Church in China; South African SSM; Sex Education; RoboDoc; Australian Technology; Kevin Rudd

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