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Quantum 33 -UK Parliament; Michael Jackson; David Steele; Transmania; Church in China; South African SSM; Sex Education; RoboDoc; Australian Technology; Kevin Rudd

This weeks Quantum ranges from Cromwell to Michael Jackson, South Africa to China, Australia to California.

We start with the British Parliament and the EU debacle  – and I thought this clip from ‘Cromwell’ was apposite.

 We then move on to Michael Jackson and the devastating allegations against him.

On the same topic of abuse – it seems as though David Steel covered up for Cyril Smith a fellow Lib Dem politician accused of abuse.

Meanwhile Transmania continues with the British gymnastics board being the latest to insist that boys who say they are girls should be able to compete against girls and parents should not be told!  They have even changed to dress code to accommodate this.

We look at the latest guidance from Ofsted on sex education in schools and ask why The Herald  is dropping its editorials.

“One more Christian, one less Chinese” – these chilling words from a Chinese government official indicate the attitude of the Chinese government to Christianity.  This includes blowing up churches. 

Meanwhile in a little reported story a rubicon was crossed when the South African Court ordered the Reformed Church to accept Same Sex Marriages.  The State telling the Church what to believe.

My clip of the week comes from Brendan O’Neil….listen to his comments on knife crime. 

An example of where technocracy is leading us, and a bad use of technology is from California where a doctor told a patient he was dying via a robot!

A better use of technology is seen in this wonderful story from South Australia.

Quote of the Week: 

If we abandon God, and the ethical imperatives that proceed from that, we are in danger of ending up in an amoral morass, where the sort of technocratic debates about whether certain human beings should be regarded as sharing a common humanity, like the Soviet purges of “enemies of the people” or the Nazi’s belief in the expendability of certain races, most particularly Jews, become possible. You then land in an amoral jungle, animated only by some mud- begotten social Darwinianism. This is because there was no longer a guiding moral authority. These regimes could “reason” their way to any conclusion.” (Kevin Rudd – page 217). God is Good for You.

Catch up on last weeks here – Quantum 32 – Knife Crime; Justin Trudeau; Jordan Peterson in Australia; KFC in China; Sharon Davies›; Birthstrike; Andre Previn

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  1. David Steel partly responsible for “hundreds of thousands” of deaths of children. Unfortunately, it’s far worse than ‘hundreds of thousands’.
    Since mid-1968, when the Abortion Act was first introduced in Britain, there have been around 8.7 million recorded abortions.

  2. The opening signature tune features the following voices:

    Os Guinness
    David Robertson
    Sinclair Ferguson
    John Lennox
    Michael Ramsden
    David Robertson (again)

    Not sure who the ??? is.

    John Lennox’ statement “That’s rubbish, ladies & gentlemen” comes straight after Sinclair Ferguson’s comment. Is that a humorous dig at your esteemed co-worker, David?!

  3. Great to see you’re a fan of Kevin Rudd, a credit to Christianity. Perhaps worth paying more attention to some more quotes: “For me, this change in position (on SSM) has come about as a result of a lot of reflection, over a long period of time, including conversations with good people grappling with deep questions of life, sexuality and faith”. Or at least acknowledging his superior political understanding: “the nuttiest of the many nutty arguments advanced by Brexit supporters and utter bollocks”. One straight-talking Australian who gets it!

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