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Quantum 21: Banned from the Mall; Swimming in Stornoway; Referendums; Was Jesus Funny? Saudi Arabia and Yemen; Mary’s Boy Child; The Chinese Church

Welcome to the Christmas Quantum –

1) Christmas at Thistle shopping mall in Stirling –

2) Stornoway Sabbath Swimming –

3) Referendums – Ireland abortion –

4)Was Jesus funny?

5) Saudi Arabia and Yemen –

6) Mary’s Boychild –

7) The Chinese Church –,614R9,KFBMV3,NNFLE,1

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  1. ‘I will be executed, but I will not plead guilty.’ Read this astonishing letter by an imprisoned Chinese pastor

    Absolutely nuts!
    Reminds me of the pogroms, the internecine wars, the liquidation of the Cathars and Crusades the Christians indulged in once upon a time.
    The beauty of secular democracy – where the religious are allowed to be free providing they don’t abuse others. Oh … wait a moment. They still do!

    1. So let me get this right – an atheistic secular regime persecutes and attacks Christians and you blame the Christians and recommend secularism? I guess in some place in your head that makes sense! But not in the real world…

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