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Quantum 20- Dr Dennis Mugwabe; Brexit; Censorship and Hate Speech; Transgender and the Church; :Abortion; Christmas Carols; Veggie Tales; Tyson Fury

Welcome to this weeks podcast.  This week’s is a cracker!  I say that because it has been so well produced by Peter.  Some is a follow up from last weeks – feel free to catch up here.  Please feel free to encourage others to listen and also if you want to support the work please do so by joining our patron campaign here.   


(also a number of people have been asking if you can get it on Itunes – yes – go here to subscribe)

  1. Dr Denis Mugwabe

2. Brexit –

Is Brexit Destroying Democracy?

3. Censorship and Hate Speech –

4. Trans and the Church –

5. Abortion

6. Christmas Carols –,60N7R,619D6D,NLA1W,1

Fairy Tale of New York –

7. Veggie Tales –

8. Tyson Fury –

9. Claire Fox –

 “ I am told quite frequently that a failure to leave will lead to riots on the streets. No it won’t. It will lead only to a sullen acceptance that once again, you can’t beat the establishment. It will always win in the end” (Rod Liddle) .

Rom. 8:37    No, in all these things we are more than conquerors through him who loved us. (Paul)

And we end with this wonderful version of my favourite Christmas Carol

Quantum 19 – French Riots; Spain and Italy; UN Migration Compact; Apple Censorship; Veganophobia; The Lord of the Rings; George Bush; Roger Scruton; Sex and Gender; Fury Boxing; Brexit


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