Light out of Darkness: A Review of Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want It Darker’

This is an album that is very bleak, if you listen to it against a backdrop of materialistic, atheistic secularism. There really is nothing. No hope, no hallelujah. But if you see this album in the light of the incarnation, life, teaching, death, resurrection and return of the Name above all names, then the darkness only serves to magnify the Light. Continue reading Light out of Darkness: A Review of Leonard Cohen’s ‘You Want It Darker’

Jason Bourne – Bourne Masterchef?

  I thought the first Bourne movie was excellent, the second even better and the third not quite as good, but nonetheless worth seeing again.  So I was genuinely excited about seeing what the new one would bring.  Especially as it has Tommy Lee Jones playing his usual grizzled character. The film has its good points – well shot, fairly dramatic and Matt Damon’s body … Continue reading Jason Bourne – Bourne Masterchef?

We Shall All Be Changed – The New Scottish – A Review

Personally I am not a big fan of the ‘Christian music’ scene and even less of Christian concerts. I’m not saying that there is de facto anything wrong with them – I’m just not keen – unless you count Bach as Christian music…! However there are some great Christian musicians out there who are using their gifts for the glory of God (not least in … Continue reading We Shall All Be Changed – The New Scottish – A Review

Swan Lake – Beauty and Brilliance

“That’s really sweet”, they said,” You’re taking your daughter to the ballet.  They were wrong.  She was taking me.   Why do people think that men won’t like ballet?!   EJ gave me a lovely birthday present last night – after a tiring few days at the Free Church General Assembly we went to the Festival Theatre in Edinburgh to see Scottish Ballet’s new production … Continue reading Swan Lake – Beauty and Brilliance

Remember – a Review

  My film reviews are like bus’s – you wait ages for one, and then two come along at once.  But I could not wait to write this one.  We went to see ‘Remember’ last night at our usual venue, Dundee Contemporary Arts…the small cinema two was virtually empty..but the handful of us who saw this remarkable film were stunned.  It has possibly the most stunning … Continue reading Remember – a Review

Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle – John Caldwell – A Review.

Published by EP books – 2014.  115 pages
 John Caldwell is a teacher on the Isle of Skye and a ministry assistant for Bracadale and Portree Free Church congregations.   This small book is  his testimony. Brought up in a typical West of Scotland housing scheme, John’s story is, as the blurb at the back of the book says, “the story of a young man’s deliverance from a lifestyle of desperation and delinquency to a new life of freedom and hope”. You  might have the feeling that having read one  ‘rags to  spiritual riches’ story, you have read them all.  There is a certain degree of cynicism that creeps in. However I loved this wee book.  I would put it on a par with Mez McConnell’s  Is there anybody out there?.   Both are books which illustrate graphically both the desperate need that exist in our poorest housing schemes, and the way in which the gospel wonderfully meets those needs. This is the real deal.
John writes very well. He tells his story without being overdramatic and in a way which many people could relate to. His analysis of the culture is spot-on.“ the type of religion that many families experience in the West of Scotland is more a case of ignoring God than it is faith in God. His existence is sort of assumed, perhaps taken for granted, but he is expected to remain on the outskirts of our lives only to be called upon (or cursed) in times of trouble.” (p38)

Continue reading “Christ, the Cross and the Concrete Jungle – John Caldwell – A Review.”