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Quantum 274 – Transhumanism and the Brave New World

This week we look at the issue of creating a brave new world – through transhumanism.  Belgium’s deputy PM argues for Brave New World;  Argentina – country of the week; Pierre Polievre schools a journalist; Bill Maher on elitist US universities; Pauline Hanson goes progressive on SSM; Bobby Charlton; the one day cricket world cup; Ronnie Barker; Ben Shapiro and the ‘A-woman’ congressman;  SEEK 13 – The Good Lie – and the Hiding Place; Here we Stand…With music from Lindisfarne; David Essex and Jeff Wayne;  Iron Maiden; Dave Whitcroft…..

Catch up on last week –  Quantum 273 – A Nurse in Israel, the Voice in Australia and a New Start for New Zealand

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  1. Brilliant article on Bobby Charlton, the one English footballer I most admired. Even the Tartan Army Magazine wrote: “Football rivalry takes a back seat when you lose a footballing legend.”

  2. Why don’t you promote , or even practice , the traditional Christian virtues of Poverty and antipathy towards rich people ?

    So much concentration on the temporal and terrestrial and not a hint of the Eternal Celestial Ecstasy. Give us a clue.

    1. The trouble is Alastair that you think you know Christianity, but you know only a little…and a little knowledge is a dangerous thing. You know enough to justify your being smug and dismissive…but I’m afraid you are ignorant of the main points – and many of the minor ones! Not least here – poverty is not a ‘traditional Christian virtue’…

  3. Thanks David, another very interesting episode.

    I find it fascinating to compare the attitudes towards humanity in War of the Worlds and some of the more modern sci-fi franchises. In WotW the young artilleryman’s idea of capturing a Martian fighting machine and reverse-engineering it to turn the tide of the war is dismissed as a fantastical pipe-dream far beyond mankind’s capabilities. In fact the whole point of WotW appears to be a dig at humanity’s collective hubris.

    In modern sci-fi it’s almost a meme that humans can simply plug a laptop into an alien’s ship USB port and access of all its systems. There was an early episode of Stargate SG-1 (a guilty pleasure of mine) which actually made the point that reverse-engineering highly advanced alien tech isn’t as straightforward as we think, but as the show went on that message was well and truly lost.

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