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Quantum 272 – Weep, O Israel…

This weeks Quantum   we  look at the dreadful events in Israel and should we respond? Psalm 23;   Including news from France, Afghanistan, Myanmar; Album of the Week; Rivkah Brown; Ross Greer; Banning Smoking in the UK; Net Zero being abandoned; Keir Starmer’s speech; Australian Jews under attack; The Voice;  Harvard’s anti-Semitism; BLM supports terror; Hilary and deprogramming; Candace Owens; Lawrence Fox; The Exorcist; Neighbours; The Roman Empire; Michael Palin; The Rugby World Cup – Scotland and Ireland; SEEK 12; and Psalm 122 with music from the Cranberries, Yadayah 7; Beethoven, Led Zeppelin; and Free Church singers.

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♬ original sound – Cody Jordan[Like Mike but yt]


#duet with @RedPillPusher1776 #lifestoughgetahelmet

♬ original sound – redpillpusher1776


Incredible #rwc2023 #rugby #ireland #zombies #cranberries

♬ original sound – World Rugby




  1. Thank you for a balanced and sensitive over view on what is going on in Israel and Gaza only just caught up with your quantum. So much prayer needed.

  2. Thanks, David. What alarms me most about the Israel-Gaza situation is the huge number of people around the world who are coming out in support of Hamas purely because they are fellow Muslims. It’s no shock that, with a Muslim as First Minister, the Scottish parliament is not coming out in support of Israel.

    Unfortunately all of the political leaders in the Anglosphere are simply unwilling to do or say anything that they know will anger large numbers of Muslims. This is why pro-Hamas demonstrations go on and people with Israeli flags get arrested. And in the UK at least with more and more fighting-age men of Islamic heritage arriving all the time, this is only going to get worse. I don’t know if Australia has that problem.

    Secularism has no way to neuter or convert Islam in the way it has successfully done with many churches. The secular doctrine that all religions are equally valid and basically teach a message of love and acceptance is simply not true in the case of Islam.

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