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Quantum 271 – Slovakia, Parisian Rats and Chinese ChatGPT

On this weeks Quantum we consider the ethics of war,  Canadian Masectomies; Armenians ethnically cleansed;  Sweden calls in the Army; Slovakia is our featured country; Sunak to stop ban on conversion therapy; UK economy outperforms France and Germany; Sextember at the University of New South Wales; US government finally stop funding Wuhan lab; McCarthy falls; Being kind to Rats in Paris; Album of the week – Out of the Wind, into the Sun; French Gynaecologist criticised for refusing to see a man; Nominalgender and Xenogender; Chinese Chat GPT; Insuring Electric cars; the Ryder Cup; SEEK 11 – a post truth society; Pope Francis backslides again; with music from Slovakia, Europe, Ella Fitzgerald, the Bothy Band, Radiohead; the Manic Street Preachers and Maureen Macleod.

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#funny #comedy #sketchshow #hilarious #leemack #brilliant #sketchsow #timvine #kittyflannigan #jimtavare

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Is it a good idea to give kids hormones?🤔 JRE Episode#1282 #joerogan #jre #jreclips #joeroganpodcast #joeroganexperience #transition #transgender #kids #kidstransition #hormones #transhormones #transgenderhormonetherapy #transgenderftm #transgendergirl #transgenderboy The topic of kids who identify as transgender and pursue hormone therapy as part of their transition is a complex and sensitive issue. It revolves around the recognition of gender identity, personal choice, and the role of therapy and hormones in the transition process. For some kids who identify as transgender, hormone therapy is seen as a critical step in aligning their physical characteristics with their gender identity. This choice, often made with the guidance of medical professionals and therapists, can have significant positive effects on a child’s mental health and well-being. The decision to pursue hormone therapy is not taken lightly and typically involves thorough evaluation and counseling. It is a deeply personal and sometimes challenging choice, made with the support of medical experts and loved ones. The terms “trans girl” and “trans woman” are used to describe individuals who were assigned male at birth but identify as female. The transition process can be a vital aspect of a transgender person’s journey toward living authentically. However, it is essential to approach this topic with empathy, understanding, and respect for the choices made by individuals, particularly children, who are navigating the complexities of their gender identity. Consulting with healthcare professionals and therapists is often a crucial part of this process, ensuring that it is done safely and in a way that prioritizes the individual’s well-being.

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France: Gynecologist accused of transphobia for refusing to treat a man #France #News #Society #Gender

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  1. Obstetrics and Gynae are sub-specialisms. Are you confusing the terms in this broadcast? An easy error, like mixing a ‘Free Church’ and a ‘Free Church Continuing’ congregation. Modern genders (and branches of Calvinism) make the modern world a confusing space to navigate!

  2. At around 26:13 you say ”gynaecologist treats pregnancy women”. Normal etiquette (or language use) would be obstetrician deals with pregnancy, but physical female problems of the sex organs (outside of pregnancy) are the Gynae specialty. Many English nations combine the specialisms (to Obs&Gynae) so it’s a very minor point……

  3. Regarding the ‘Forgotten Genocide’ of Armenian Christians by rulers of the Ottoman Empire from 1893 to 1923, you mentioned in Quantum 269 that over a million Christians were killed. However, Barnabas Aid quotes a figure of 3.75 million systematically exterminated over that period. These were predominately Armenian Christians, but included some Assyrian, Syriac and Greek Christians.

    In 1900, Christians were nearly a third of Turkey’s population. By 1927 they were less than 2%.

    But you’re right, these days nobody cares.

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