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Look with Luke 4 – Misinformation and Certainty

Luke 1:4 – Misinformation is not new. How do we know what is true? How do we sort out between the false and the true? Luke tells us how we can find out the truth about Christ….

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  1. Thank you David. It’s wonderful that we can be completely certain of the truth in the gospels. I once heard someone in a bible study group cast doubt on the story of Christ’s birth and all the events and circumstances surrounding it – Jesus being born in a stable, the shepherds and the wise men etc. She said it was more ‘symbolic’ and it didn’t really matter whether it was actually true – all that mattered was that he came. I totally disagree. Luke wrote the facts, the wonderful truth about what really happened and I believe him. If we can’t be sure and certain about what we are told regarding one aspect of Jesus’s life, then we will start doubting the truth about other events that took place. One doubt leads to another until faith is no longer on solid ground. Thank God, we are on solid ground and all the gospels speak the truth and the light of this truth shines brightly. We can hold onto this always when everything in this world seems so very dark.

  2. We are the recipients of ‘Misinformation’ re the victimhood of Palestinians.

    The Palestinians voted overwhelmingly for a Hamas Government and they knew that killing Jews was a Party – approved desideratum.

    The great George Orwell reminds us that a people who elect execrable politicians are not victims , they are accomplices.

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