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Coffee and Colossians 119 – Epaphras – the Praying Minister

Colossians 4:12 – Once again Paul mentions the Colossians minister, Epaphras – and in so doing commends him for his most important task – wrestling in prayer….

Coffee and Colossians 118 – Jesus Justus, the Jews and Jesus



  1. First, I understand the enjoyment and rest you feel at your botanic gardens. I live roughly a half hour away from our Chicago Botanic Gardens and absolutely love just seeing the various sections.
    Secondly, the women’s small group that I’m a part of are going through a 20 week video class that the 6 senior pastors of our NW Chicago suburbs EV Free churches have created. Our topic for next week is: Receiving Pastoral Ministry
    The message notes will cover: THE OFFICE OF A PASTOR: feed the sheep, pray for the sheep, set an example for the sheep, watch over the sheep, and love the sheep. My reaction after listening to you today was immediately the thought of the weight you carry and will carry, especially if you are the only pastor of your church.
    Which leads me to my last comment: you can count on my prayers even more now! Thank you!

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