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Coffee and Colossians 118 – Jesus Justus, the Jews and Jesus

The great principles that Paul teaches in Colossians are worked out amongst the people. Jesus Justus is one of them. A Jew named Jesus who follows Jesus….Also on the ASK Podcast

Coffee and Colossians 117 – Mark, the Reconciled Brother


  1. Thank you, David,
    Paul’s readiness to work with Mark and indeed Mark’s, to visit Paul and be part of his team while the appeal to Caesar was pending, are needed examples for our present-day fractured testimony. Given that Paul writes about circumcision in no less than seven of his letters there is probably a bit more to the “of the circumcision” tag than that they were Jews. Paul had not been to Colossae so we can easily imagine how the confused whispering of the synagogue rumour mill could flourish where he was not personally known. That there were those of the circumcision on his team who were a comfort to him will have silenced many rumours.

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