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Quantum 268 – Going Home – featuring Morocco, the Ezra Collective and Bruce Guthro…

On this weeks Quantum our featured country is Morocco – we also look at the Canadian Catholic Schools murder hoax; BBC Verify verified? Marica Langton and the Voice; Duck hunting in Victoria; Putin and Kim; Libyan floods; Woke Museums; Djokovic – again!;  Scottish football; Ben Stokes; the Rugby world cup; Christian Jazz band wins the Mercury Prize; The return of Neighbours; Van Gogh painting returned; Dundee Contemporary Arts centre;  Where the wild things are; SEEK – Abortion; Oliver Anthony evangelises Jordan Peterson; and we finish with an incredible song from the dying Bruce Guthro – other music from RunRig, Crosby, Stills, Nash and, the Ezra Collective, Don McClean and the Troggs.


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All the music used is on the September Spotify Quantum playlist


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  1. On your interview of Noval Djokovic after his win in the US Open note the mention of his finally equalling Margaret Court record 50+ years earlier. Margaret was almost a non-person until Novak’s victory – Martina Navratilova, the CEO of Vogue, John McEnroe want to have the Australian Open Tennis Court in Melbourne stripped of her name. Serina Willimans and her coach openly admitted the goal of beating Margaret’s record then resorted to running down her record – until Novak’s victory raised it again. We all know why. Margaret became a pastor in Perth Australia and preaches against homosexual relationships. The Woke folk from New York cannot accept that a Christian women should hold the most impressive record in tennis. But then like Eric Liddel before her she chose to honour her Maker and as quoted in Chariots of Fire “Gon will honour those who honour him”.

  2. Hi David..,

    A couple of simple points in your, as always, excellent Quantum take on the week.., and forgive the pedantic stuff as follows:-

    Firstly & Very simply there is a difference between Adultery and an Affair.., an affair can be a non-busines s & personal meeting(s) over meals and perhaps drinks.., and be completely non-sinful.., and on the other hand ‘Adultery’ involves sex or sexual penetration..,, which can be completely different from meetings, as the ‘sexual boundary’ is then crossed…

    Also, all the media mis-reporting on climate, weather and rainfall….There is not six months of rain in one day in Libya, or anywhere else for that matter.,,it is simply one days unusual rainfall, which may be a six month ‘average rainfall’..!

    Remembering that the so-called ‘Climate’ is the ‘Moving weighted average’ of our weather systems to date ..!

    Kind regards and every blessing,

    1. Alastair, anyone wanting to understand some people in the No campaign could certainly benefit from reading this ‘Frank Salter’ stuff. After all it will confirm what those people already think. One problem (apart from Salter’s ideas to the relevance of the Voice) is that the letter to the Colossians, which David was been guiding us through, completely, absolutely rejects these ideas.

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