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Coffee and Colossians 108 – Pray for an Open Door

Colossians 4:3 – Pray for an open door. What does this mean? Including a personal request

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Coffee and Colossians 107 – Devoted Prayer


  1. Amen David. Yes there will be many adversaries, but what God opens no man can shut. It is wonderful when we turn our hearts and minds to a prayer request there comes a stream of God’s word that fits and encourages faith. So let it be for you and Annabelle – an open door and open hearts and the anointing of the Holy Spirit.
    Every blessing and love in Christ

  2. This is news indeed ! It is exciting , challenging and , we pray , fruitful. I will certainly pray that doors will be opened.

  3. Well, that’s quite some news! Not altogether surprising, though. Sydney Anglicans are pretty unforgiving. How are you going to get around the conditions of your visa? You need to be careful about 8107 – esp taking a new position. Make sure you’ve got a good lawyer. Perhaps I could speak to someone in Home Affairs for you?

    1. Thanks Bob – tried to e-mail you but your e-mail address is not correct! I am not going to get round the conditions of my visa…we are applying for a new one (my current one is up in March 2024) and until that is done (through a MORLA) I will continue to be employed by ENC….

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