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Coffee and Colossians 109 – Proclaiming the Mystery Clearly

Colossians 4:4 – Proclaiming the Mystery Clearly…If Christ is a mystery – how can we tell people? Why does Paul ask for prayer? Is a lot of our preaching unclear..?

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Coffee and Colossians 108 – Pray for an Open Door

Here is a great example of Gospel preaching –


  1. Will continue to pray for you and Annabel as you move up to Newcastle. That God will go before you and the Holy Spirit will do a great and powerful work in that area. Many in this area of northern Scotland are in your prayers.

  2. Just a question: is the ‘mystery’ in Colossians not ‘the gospel’ itself but that gentiles are now also the people of God apart from keeping the works of the law — just as the writer explains the mystery in Eph 3:6? Would this make better sense of the whole of the letter? What is ‘mysterious’ about the fact that God saves?

    1. It is clearly stated that the mystery is Christ. What would be mysterious about God saving Gentiles – given that he had already promised to do so in the Abrahamic covenant? The Trinity, the death of the Son of God, the resurrection etc…..all a great mystery until it was revealed!

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