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Coffee and Colossians 82 – The Life Appears

Colossians 3:4 – filmed in the beauty of Crombie park in Angus – we look at what it means when the ‘hidden life’ appears – when Christ returns in glory.

Also on the ASK podcast here

Coffee and Colossians 81 – A Hidden Life

Crombie Park, Angus


  1. Aw lovely – one of my favourite places to visit with lots of happy memories when in the Angus area. Can’t help but notice some of the gaps in the tree line as so many trees were felled by Storm Arwen a year past November. Bet you had to scramble over a few on your walk. Enjoy your time back in Bonnie Scotland seeing some of your family. Hope you get some welcome rest too! Fiona

  2. Thanks! So, Crombie Park is but a foretaste of better things to come, Skye or W Isles next then?

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