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Quantum 259 – The Sound of Freedom

In this weeks Quantum we look at the reactions to The Sound of Freedom; North Korea; Misinformation; the Moral Maze and what news is important; Biden visiting the UK; the US sends cluster bombs to Ukraine; Jill Biden wants a woman to be head of NATO; Dutch Government falls; Iceland; Spains Socialist Environment minister rides her bicycle; JP Morgans wants land nationalised; France and censorship; Threads; Miss Netherlands won by a man; Trans violence in London; the ABC makes trans cartoon for children; Melbourne schools compelled propaganda; Rainbow cricket stumps; The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe; The ‘problematic’ Lord’s Prayer; the Gospel in Wales; with music from Phil the Voice, the Who, Soul Limbo; Queen;  and U2….

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In an effort to “purify” the Korean dialect, North Korea has implemented a harsh new law that bans the use of South Korean expressions and accents. #northkorea #korean #language #accent #kimjongun #deathpenalty #crime #politics

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  1. Regarding FREEDOM: When it was first made, I understand, our government hid/shelved it for several years. Now that it’s been in theaters, our mainstream media’s talking points are to trash the movie, actors, facts, authenticity because our country’s top powers and money makers are major participants/players in sex trafficking. Why do you think our current government, from day one, not only opened our borders, but have seen massive numbers of unaccompanied children or children with one young adult male growing exponentially. Now, since Biden’s administration has no restrictions, large numbers of Columbian children and young adult males have begun coming in. Every year, The Super Bowl is the most financially productive time of the year for sex traffickers in our country. Then there was the whole sickening Epstein Island story where so many powerful, rich, and famous people “enjoyed visiting” the place. I’ll try to see if I can find a Fox News interview with one of the main people (I can’t remember which one) of the making of FREEDOM.

  2. Another great Quantum, David with world and international dimensions, with truth eclipsing virtue posting et, etc…

    I was delighted to see Roger Daltrey and half of the original Who in Edinburgh on Saturday night. Roger at 79 still had the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade rocking and singing along. The Edinburgh Philharmonic Orchestra was an amazing complement . I understand that Roger was the clean living one, endeavouring to keep the rest of the band on the rails, back in the day.. Last year he played solo along with orchestra in Glasgow , again an amazing concert, his voice still excels…

    Other favourite bands being Queen, and U2 so the music this week was a treat..!

    I can’t imagine what it must be like to live in a fearful and authoritarian dictatorship such as North Korea.., makes Scotland feel almost civilised and semi free..!

    1. if i heard correct you said Joe Root was captain of England cricket.
      Ben Stokes is captain and has been from April 2022

  3. Hi David, thanks for another great episode. When you mentioned that man at a pride event who’d been convicted for kidnapping and torture, and was now facing no consequences whatsoever for advocating violence against women, it occurred to me that if transgender ideology is a new religion then ‘transitioning’ (whether that means surgery and hormones or simply just putting on a dress and makeup) is their equivalent of adult baptism – all previous misdeeds are forgotten and no condemnation is possible for anything that they do going forward. It’s a way to start a new life, be accepted into the community of the “persecuted righteous” and avoid the consequences of sin BUT without the need for repentance or inner transformation. Does that make sense or am I seeing a parallel which isn’t there?

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