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Coffee and Colossians 78 – Restraining Sensual Indulgence

Colossians 2:23 – How do we restrain sensual indulgence? Will self imposed worship, false humility or the harsh treatment of the body? Why are the rules and regulations of this world useless…?

Also on the ASK podcast here

Coffee and Colossians 77 – Rules and Regulations of the World


  1. Thank you, David. The heart of the matter is the matter of the heart!
    Hope the time in Scotland will be relaxing and fruitful.

  2. Dear David and Annabel, praying you will have a blessed, happy and refreshing holiday. Thank you for Coffee with Colossians. Effie

  3. Trusting the time home is re-creative. However the wisdom is that for ever time-zone you transit is a day longer of jet lag. Don’t over do it. As ever thank you for your daily ministry. Today spoke to me powerfully.

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