Is Britain Breaking Up?

(Photo: A Perry) Is Britain about to break up? The argument is being made more frequently by the commentariat in London and Manchester – especially those who are opposed to Brexit. ‘Look’ they say, “Brexit will mean the break up of Britain” and this, along with the other apocalyptic predictions ‘planes will stop flying, the NHS will collapse, the end of civilization as we know … Continue reading Is Britain Breaking Up?

Beware the Promises of Politicians

People have always been cynical and somewhat dismissive about the promises of politicians – sometimes with good reason.  Such cynicism however creates real problems in a democracy and opens the door to the kind of disillusionment that feeds more extreme forces. But there is one area where politicians in the UK government and the Scottish government (and also the US and Australian governments).  Whenever a … Continue reading Beware the Promises of Politicians

Why Anti-Semitism Matters in the British Election

  Have a look at this poster?  It is a pro-Corbyn, anti-May poster erected in Bristol this week.  I guess you could just say it is part of the rough and tumble of election politics, although I regard it as indicative of the simplistic dumbed down politics we are being forced to endure.   Apart from that can you see anything offensive about it? Notice … Continue reading Why Anti-Semitism Matters in the British Election

Brexit for Australia – And Others!

  It’s strange to be in Australia at this particular juncture.   For a start it’s snowing! And then there is the small matter of the Australian elections coming up at the end of this week. But of most fascination is watching the post-Brexit fall out through Australian eyes. I have been reading the Sydney Morning Herald and The Australian as well as being an avid … Continue reading Brexit for Australia – And Others!

Why I’m Leaving …

The deed is done. After reading literally hundreds of articles, books, e-mails and posts about the subject – I have finally, finally decided. I was inclined to vote out, but was not ideologically committed to it and I realized it is a big decision so I decided to spend a lot of time reading, investigating, thinking and praying. I have read and watched some excellent … Continue reading Why I’m Leaving …

European referendum – The TIPPing Point

European Referendum – The TIPPing Point. (Once you have finished reading this article – such has been the response that I have had to write this follow up – The EU Referendum – Rushed, Ill Thought Out and Extreme!) Also see this Fishing for Brexit And a recent edition especially on the democracy aspect – The Dangerous Democratic Deficit – Scotsman Article – June 9th 2016 The time … Continue reading European referendum – The TIPPing Point

Sex, secrecy and stars in a crooked and depraved generation

Any astute cultural observer of our ‘progressive’ culture will soon be able to see that the Bible’s description of us as ‘a crooked and depraved generation’ (Deuteronomy 32:5 cited by Paul in Philippians 2:15) is totally accurate. I offer you the following evidence from the past couple of days. Channel 4 have a ‘reality’ TV programme called Sex Box, in which people go into a … Continue reading Sex, secrecy and stars in a crooked and depraved generation

Keep Sunday Special

  Are the SNP principled defenders of Scottish values or Westminster Politicians? Those of us who voted for the SNP in the General Election were delighted at the result. 56 MPs in the UK Parliament being a strong voice for Scotland. They also promised to be a principled opposition, refusing to indulge in the horsetrading and old boy Westminster network. And they began well….as exemplified … Continue reading Keep Sunday Special

Persecution, Politicians and false Prophets

Visit to the Scottish Parliament- 10th Feb 2016 I was asked to speak to the Scottish Parliament sub-committee on religious freedom. Although I never stick to a text the following is the substance of what I said and a few reflections on the whole experience – which tells us a great deal about the state of Church and Society in Scotland today. “It is my … Continue reading Persecution, Politicians and false Prophets

David Bowie – The Hysteria, the Sorrow, the Frustration and the Hope

This is my article on David Bowie in Christian Today   – it is slightly amended because I wanted to tidy up a couple of things.  The article came as a result of a conversation with my wife, Annabel, as she gave me a lift down to the church.  And then all these ideas just popped into my head, so I wrote them down and quite surprizingly … Continue reading David Bowie – The Hysteria, the Sorrow, the Frustration and the Hope