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Quantum 258 – France, Fireworks and Freedom

In this weeks Quantum we look at riots in France; banning 4th of July fireworks; misinformation bill in Australia; hate crime in Ireland; banning Nigel Farage; Rev Richard Fotheringill and the Yorkshire Building Society; Political climate change hypocrisy; 75th anniversary service for the NHS and Dr John Ellis; man gets lectured on ‘woke’ clothing for his toddler; Colonel Kelvin Wright forced out of army; Cricket hypocrisy; Highway 61 revised; Winnie the Pooh; Canberran government takes down the Cross; Woke US church; Miriam Cates; Psalm 130 –  with the help of the Clash, Bruce Springsteen, Status Quo,  Dave Alvin, and the Gettys.

Catch up on last week – Quantum 257 – Glastonbury, Ethical Porn, Morocco and Taylor Swift

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People need to mind their dang business!! #fyp

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  1. Thank you for your weekly exposé. I listen to it with such appreciation, mixed with dread at what is being exposed , the awfulness of our current culture. But thank you for showing the Truth each week . May God bless you for your work as watchman. Praying that enough sanity is retained to enable you continue as long as this is needed .

  2. This evening off to see ‘The Who’ at Edinburgh Castle esplanade David…

    Roger Daltrey & Co .e, And full orchestra are in attendance.., and looking forward to an amazing performance ….

    I think it was 1965 when ‘The Who’ stared performing on stage, some years 58 years ago.. ? Amazing..!

  3. France’s Jewish Prime Minister , Elisabeth Borne , has banned fireworks for the Bastille Day celebrations.

    In her other country of citizenship ( by Israel’s Law of Return ) rioting Muslims like those in France would have been dealt with rather differently, no?

    A prescient song :

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