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Coffee and Colossians 68 – The Debt is Paid!

Colossians 2:14 – How does Christ forgive our sins? Why are sins like a debt? What do we owe? Who pays?

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  1. When you put your hood up, the likeness to Sheev Palpatine from Star Wars was uncanny. 😀 Thank you for reminding us of this great truth. Johnny Cash’s version of The Old Account was Settled Long Ago immediately sprang to mind.
    God bless you and I will make a point of praying for you this day.

  2. Hi David.., a few words before you may choose to pay any so-called ‘invoices or debts’ sent by any greedy US , such as Getty Images, or any other nation who may chase a so-called copyrite infringement

    You will have heard of Pareto Rule, Analysis, or Law being the 80:20 rule where I would respectfully suggest that 80% of current laws are mostly a donkey’s derriere…

    Forget any threatening legal letters chasing a so-called IP invoice or ‘debt’- they are out to scare us and they typically will not pursue, especially if a cross-border transaction.

    Never be intimidated by big organisations, and let David take on any Goliaths..!

    Have a good week-end up at the event, and pray for strength and comfort and keep up the great Coffee and Colossians, and Quantums.., both being a great start to the day here in Scotland..!

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