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Quantum 255 – 12 Big Questions

In Quantum this week we look at 12 big questions from this weeks news  – 1) Is football good for us? 2) Is Pride the new state religion? 3) Does disagreeing with Trans ideology mean you are killing people? 4) Should abortion be decriminalised? 5) Are all politicians corrupt? 6) Are women under attack? 7) Are Canadian fires a sign the world is burning? 8) Where did covid come from? 9) Are refugees bad for us?  10) Are we returning to Satanism? 11) Will the Church survive? 12) Is there any hope?   With music from Liverpool, U2, Don McLean, Coldplay, Danny Kaye and the Chicago Symphony Orchestra.

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  1. When I read that the QLD government had decided to allow anyone to identify whatever gender they want to be I told my wife that was the end of western civilization. That is pure (or impure) insanity. It is as if people have lost their minds. It is also incredibly dangerous to allow a man into a woman’s sport; a woman’s toilet; a woman’s changeroom; a woman’s prison etc. The sad part of it is very few people seem to really care; they are so indifferent about the matter that this is effectively the dismantling of society. I feel as if this is part of the grand delusion mentioned in 2 Thess. 2:11; Revelation 20 (and Is.66:3-4). It is interesting to read that in 2 Tim. 3:2 one of the main indicators of the last days is ‘pride’. I suspect they will not stop here – their goal is to erase all gender. There is an “amusing” youtube video by Neel Kolhathar (#Equality) which looks into the not so distant future on trans-trajectory.
    I guess my main question to you David is we know the problem – so what is the answer? How should Christians respond? How should parents bring up their kids in this kind of environment? This is what most Christians want to know now – just how do we navigate in this insane environment.

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