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Quantum 254 – Are You Ok?

In this weeks Quantum  we ask Holly’s question – Are You Ok?   With Holly Willoughby; the Dam Busters; Ukraine – who blew the Nova Kakhovka Dam? ; Is Roger Waters a Nazi?;  Utah Schools Ban Bible; Moray Drag Queen; BBC Casualty; Norway stops Trans surgery for children; Oxfam; Kathleen Stock; Scottish Universities declare that defending academic freedom is suspect; Stuart Waiton; Richard Dawkins; Frank Furedi; Cancelling Chaucer; Pre-Historic Non-Binary; The Tories and the New Test Act; Abortion falls in the US; Blondie;  Indian Offical Drains Dam for Phone; 20 Greatest Childrens Books; Neal Morse;

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  1. Holly didn’t exactly look shaken and troubled when she made her speech on television. I just wonder if she has never in her life told a single lie or let anyone down at all? There was no mention of that all important word – forgiveness. And mercy – something we all should learn to give to others when we have received it ourselves. May God help Philip Schofield.

  2. Great commentary and synopsis of the week past,, as always David..!

    Good last track on King Jesus.., and on the subject of prog rock etc.., I am planning to see ‘The Who’ for what shall surly be their last live gigs, at Edinburgh Castle, 2nd week of July…I first saw them as a Stirling Uni Student at Parkhead Stadium, Glasgow in 1975, where the ticket was £4 for the entire days music, arrnaged by Harvey Goldstein, back in the day…

    This time round the comparable tickets are around £200 being a 50x increase in the last 48 years, somewhat ahead of relative inflation.., however to see the age-ing rockers one last time will be good…Incidentally, it was Roger Daltrey who kept the band together, since he did not then apparently do drink nor drugs… 48 years on, I look forward to hearing them on the Edinburgh Castle Esplanade.., for perhaps the last time…

    1. Ah the Who! I saw them at the Playhouse in Edinburgh around 1981. It was extraordinary. If I was back in Scotland in time I would be at that concert!

  3. Hi David, the issues you brought up in this episode have strengthened my position that the political and social culture of the West have been thoroughly feminised.

    Firstly, disagreements and disputes are no longer settled by reasoned argument or by anything approaching “swords at dawn”, but rather by petty, catty reputation destruction via social media.

    Secondly, all of our problems can supposedly be solved by talking them through therapeutically with “empathy” (the most overused word in the English language). No wonder the worst people in our society have learned to play the victim in order to get sympathy and protection from the justice they deserve.

    While toxic masculinity may be a problem on the far right, on the far left there appears to be no masculinity at all.

  4. Hi David, whilst I agree with you on very many of your posts, I have to disagree with you about Roger Waters of Pink Floyd fame. During your piece on him you appeared to make an unqualified criticism of Israel, “because of the Palestinians”. Grateful if you would qualify what you meant by that comment which I thought was unhelpful given the amount of unjustified criticism I believe Israel is subject to especially by mainstream media.

    Turning to Waters’ “hurt” at having performed similarly for 40 years without challenge – I have no doubt that Jewish Holocaust survivors and their families are far more hurt by Waters’ “art” than he ever will be by being quite rightly (in my opinion) challenged. The fact that his performances have gone unchallenged for 40 years is astounding and shows just how insensitive even Christians have been for far too long – and still are – about antisemitism. give a very clear account of just how insensitive and horrible Waters’ recent performance in Berlin was, and why there has been a justifiable outcry. When is it acceptable to display an inflatable giant pig with a Star of David emblazoned on it? And for Waters to tell us he’s “standing up against fascism” by dressing up in Nazi style uniform and goose-stepping on stage in Berlin of all places is anathema – well it is to me at least. Yes I know – Waters says the emblem on the uniform is crossed hammers – but what do people that see it immediately equate it to but the swastika – and we all know what that represents. According to Wikipedia (ok – perhaps not the best info source) under Roger Waters’ politics, it is reported that Waters has described Israel as an apartheid state (it isn’t) and that he supports the BDS movement, the ultimate aim of which is to destroy Israel, according to a report by Honest Reporting. The one I read about Waters’ performance in Germany is headed, “Water-ed Down: Media Miss Mark as Roger Waters Dons Nazi-Style Uniform, Defiles Memory of Anne Frank”. Anne Frank’s name in huge lettering is displayed very inappropriately beside Shireen Abu Akleh’s name on stage. Anne Frank was murdered along with 6 million other Jews during the Holocaust for being Jewish. Shireen Abu Akleh, a journalist, was unintentionally killed whilst covering the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, likely by the IDF during crossfire. These deaths cannot be equated but by trying to equate them, Waters’ real message is that he believes Israel to be “like the Nazis were” unless I am mistaken?

    Whatever the rights and wrongs of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, it won’t be solved by antisemitism in whatever form, and certainly not by Waters’ disgraceful performances purporting to be “art”. Depictions of what happened during the Holocaust cannot ever be used as “entertainment” and I view Waters’ performances as mocking history and the Holocaust.

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