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The Sunday Catechism 2 – How Do We Know?

How do we know how to glorify and enjoy God? The Scriptures. But is the Bible the Word of God, or does it only contain the Word of God? With Samuel Rutherford and another clip from Chariots of Fire

The Sunday Catechism 1 – What is Your Purpose?


  1. The story of the young man, against advice!, reading from Gen.1 onwards to Gen37. Was so very, very moving. So too the film clip. Thank you for making this commitment.

  2. This catechism is all new to me thank you. So pleased you appear to be over your bug.

  3. Presbyterian Catechism v Roman Catholic Dogmatism ?

    Who is the most favoured in the Almighty’s eyes ?

    The answer fluttered down on a palimpsest from above the debating table :

    “All Christians are equal in My Sight , signed , Almighty God , SJ.

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