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Quantum 253 – The Great Pretenders

In this weeks Quantum we look at the great pretenders – Our world is filled with people who pretend to be something they are not – this week we look at a few examples as well as world news.   With Tina Turner;  Philip Scofield; Freddy Mercury;  Erodgan reelected in TurkeyConservatives win elections in Spain;  Tunisia turns away from democracy;  Germany’s recession; the Pretenders; BLM’s financial collapse;  Target misses the mark; Kathleen Stock; Kylie Minogue; Jane Fonda and Climate Change;  end of cheap flights;  Verifying the BBC;  The Rolling Stones;  Satanism;  Andy Stanly; Matt Papa and the Getty’s.

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Heidelberg Catcehism 1


1. Q. What is your only comfort

in life and death?

A. That I am not my own, 1

but belong with body and soul,

both in life and in death, 2

to my faithful Saviour Jesus Christ. 3

He has fully paid for all my sins

with his precious blood, 4

and has set me free

from all the power of the devil. 5

He also preserves me in such a way 6

that without the will of my heavenly Father

not a hair can fall from my head; 7

indeed, all things must work together

for my salvation. 8

Therefore, by his Holy Spirit

he also assures me

of eternal life 9

and makes me heartily willing and ready

from now on to live for him. 10


  1. Thought provoking and asking fair questions. BLM story, sadly, has many equivalents in the evangelical Church? Many of us, on gaining more life experience, would use money differently from our first flush of spiritual youth? That might be a good topic……

  2. As it is now “Pride Month” , more properly called Arrogance Month, perhaps Christians will remember that Sodom and Gomorrah were destroyed for things we now parade on the streets and teach in schools.

  3. I enjoyed this week’s Quantum. Using Sympathy for the Devil was sure to get me on your side.
    I feel you have followed the path of least resistance, Illustrating the theme of pretenders by referring largely to entertainers. Freddie Mercury, the Platters, or even the Australian Jimmy Parkinson would all admit to the pretence that is performing. Even if it is a great song. Similarly, Kylie and Edith Piaff in their songs of the same name. Both are haunting refrains in their own way. Edith Piaff’s lyrics are of a less explicit age, but they both knew their audiences and what they would buy.
    If Andy Stanly is apologising for those who had Christianity forced on them, who would disagree. However is it just following the path of least resistance by apologising to those who are offended by Christianity?
    Still not to worry Satanism has assured us that there is no Hell. Many Presbyterian Ministers eagerly cling to that pretence. The Sweedish rock band The Refreshments get it right when they sing ” I’ve seen the devil. I’ve gone through hell. I’ve seen the face of evil. I could tell he’s doing well., ”
    I would point out, without apology, that “the Bible says” all of this will happen.

  4. Nice one Alastair.
    Like the rest of us Albert Lee has seen better days. This video was from some years ago. He must be 80 now.
    I saw the band live in Sweden a few years ago. Lovely summer evening in outdoor venue in Upsalla. For my money Johan Bloom is one of the best boogie woogie piano players around today. Him and Ladyva.
    God bless.

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