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Quantum 251 – Bias – the Boys from Brisbane and the Girls from Indonesia

In this weeks Quantum we look at what part bias plays in our culture – with the boys from Brisbane.  Pride and Prejudice; Chat GPT;  Indonesia and the Voice of Baceprot; Turkey election;  Thai election; anti-Christian violence in India; Sudan civil war; Glen Miller; the ABC;  Bluey; Napoli Champions; Dundee Champions; Austin Killips and trans athletes; Bryan Ferry; the Australian Greens; Moira Deeming;  Shutting down Catholic hospitals; Fred Nile; Is religion the answer? Living and Bill Nighy; the Christ Hymn,.

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  1. Well , re Indonesia , the Bali Government is totally fed up with Aussie peasant “Ockers” and East Europeans who disrespect the Balinese and their beliefs.

    New immigration rules with financial impositions and visa requirements are imminent and that’s a good thing .

    No sensible person would wish modern Western pleb culture visited upon ancient Eastern hierarchical culture.

  2. David, could it be the the government of Turkiye (u-umlaut) asked the United Nations that the name of their country be changed, and the BBC and ABC are complying with that request along with the UN?
    Just asking.

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