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Coffee and Colossians 34 – Reconciliation through His Blood

Colossians 1:20 – Standing in front of the Anzac Memorial in Sydney we think about the only blood that can really bring true peace and reconciliation…

Coffee and Colossians 33 – The Fullness of God in Christ


  1. Please send this again as it won’t play for me! Yours in anticipation of a feast. With thanks, Fiona

  2. It is sorted – and was indeed a feast worth waiting for. Very poignant backdrop of a war memorial contrasting man’s hopeless shedding of blood and God’s great redemption plan – only the Blood of the Lord Jesus being able when applied to bring true Peace and Reconciliation. You are always thought-provoking and bring such clarity to the Bible, David. So thankful to you and Him for this provision.

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